Some Funny Air Traffic Control Conversations


A mix of funny air traffic control conversations recorded over the years on
All recordings are of flights landing or departing JFK airport in New York:
1. A Japan Airlines cargo plane arriving from Chicago late at night.
2. An air traffic controller clears his daughter and granddaughter to land.
3. A British Airways flight tries to cut ahead in line for takeoff.
4. A Chautauqua crew is surprised by the lack of traffic at JFK on Saturday morning.
5. A Mesaba flight is delayed by a passenger in need of a toilet break during taxi.

All conversations recorded on and edited/subtitled by myself.


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  1. Every flight and every person and every human being in this entire world is the most precious flight. It all matters to somebody, and if not, it should matter to them. And if not, it should matter to you. Thank you for bringing us home safely. All of you.

  2. Teacher: Class, we're going to discuss the difference between "can I" and 'May I."
    Student, raises hand, asks: Can I go to the bathroom
    Teacher" Can???
    Student: No; Bathroom

  3. I haven't yet watched this vids, and it may be different than the dozen or so I've already watched, but air tower personnel and pilots must have a different sense of humor or I simply don't understand comms well. These are interesting, but I've yet to find one that could be considered actually funny…

  4. It would take me forever to learn the codes, i would literally make up my own..
    DW side Arthur 717 rugrat republic SDFI300 Alpha Jim Rhinos Runway 401 with an SPF of 80.. cleared to land

  5. That should be like THE message for all Pilots and motto coming into JFK: "Landing and having a gate is another story"

  6. So can anyone recommend me a way to actually learn ATC talk? I came to this video trying to see if I could learn it by listening to it, but you know, it’s still kinda difficult to understand…

  7. So here I am, minding my own business watching airplane videos and I came across this video… turns out … this JAL6012… my flight… I remember that flight specifically. It’s was Chrystal clear that night, and landing on 4L makes us taxi an additional 2.5 miles… thought I’d ask for 31L… so instead of 2.5 miles, we rollout and exit to parking ramp… 200 yards. Can’t even cool the engines down for required 2 minutes. Excellent and great controller, relaxed night… thank you for that night. If the controller ever hears this, please contact me I’m going to be flying into JFK as I’m going to be flying there more often now with my current airline employer… another Asian carrier but still on B747, This is why pilots and controllers love their job… for brief moments like this.

    Just a few side notes…That flight was over 15 years ago… the chances of me finding and/or hearing that audio are astronomical. And by the way… JAL contracted many western pilots over the decades I got hired in 1992 and they let all expats go in 2009. I am an American, right down to my socks. “Sterile cockpit below” (no unnecessary, non-aviation chit chat) was not being violated, nor any operational policies or dangerous maneuvers… just simply a visual approach was being executed.

    To all of the controllers and pilots out there like depicted in this audio… thank you… 44 years of this and 2.5 years left before I set the parking brake the last time. You might like this video….

    Thank you for the audio!


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