Spa Room Makeover in Animal Crossing New Horizons


I got a new room in Animal Crossing New Horizons and gave it a makeover! I wanted to create a nice calming space so I decided to create a spa room. How do you think it came out?! Tune into our livestreams every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

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  1. By the time I get animal crossing Everyone is probably going to be done with their house and not talk about it 🥺 (is June that far away?!)

  2. TIFFY I saw a sink when u scrolled thru that the inner part of the sink has blue details on it and would match your self!

  3. TIFF there’s something called nookazone it’s like amazon and you can trade and buy things from people and you can get furniture clothes animals etc!

  4. I absolutely love how the spa came out. It’s so zen and peaceful and pretty cute as well! Your making me really wanna get animal crossing ❤️ ily so much keep doing what your doing. And most importantly don’t forget to keep slaying!

  5. TIFF! I am loving your animal crossing content! Would it be ok if I send you some donations through bells? It would be my pleasure and a blessing to be able to be apart of producing your island! <3

  6. I saw a trick while I was searching for cute design : somebody put the cloud floor (I think it's an item from Sahara) down in their bathroom and covered it with wood rugs so it make it all steamy, that looked so cool!

  7. Too broke for Animal Crossing: New Horizon but this gets me so motivated to design my camp in pocket camp even though there isn’t much to use! :c cute spa room! 🙂

  8. I have some jungle flooring & bamboo walls I can make you to have for your zen room!! ❤️ love you & your videos & your house!

  9. I love this game…i'm only a few days in and I invited a few very cute people to come and live on my island! I put my house near a stream and I just love the feel of it so far! I can't wait to have more people and the shop at last! Oh and the museum too!

  10. You are so lucky! I wish I could afford this! Animal crossing has been my fav game but when new leaf came out I couldn’t afford it and didn’t have the heart to ask for it. Now that this is out I really want it!


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