Speech Therapy Techniques: Commonly Misarticulated Sounds| How to Correctly Produce K and G


In this video, I discuss with you how to /k/ and /g/ are produced, common articulation errors that occur when children have difficulty producing these sounds in words, and techniques you can use to work on correct sound production. This video is designed for parents, undergraduate students, graduate students doing clinicals, and active speech language pathologists. I hope that you find this video as a useful resource that you can to be beneficial over time. Please see the links below for the worksheets used in this video. Next week, I will release the same kind of videos for /l/ and /r/.

Also, I am releasing an articulation drill video for /k/ and /g/ that can serve as an actual speech therapy session for your child. This is a kid-friendly video you can sit your child and in front of and let me do the rest. Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of our 40% off sale in our Etsy Shop on all of our articulation speech therapy materials. This sale will last until the end of the month. Please share this video and subscribe to this channel if you have not done so already. Again, I want to be your PREFERRED Speech Language Pathologist for 2020.

Links to Worksheets:
Fixed Up One Routine:

Aspiration Trick:
K and G Minimal Pair:

Video Links:
My Child’s Speech is Hard to Understand| What is Articulation?:
Articulation Drill for K and G:

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