Structure in C | Struct Keyword


Complete playlist of Data Structure Using Java :

Structures in C

In this video we will see :
– Need of Structure
– How to create Structure
– How to use structure
– Storing values in structure
– Run program

A struct in the C is a composite data type declaration that defines a physically grouped list of variables to be placed under one name in a block of memory, allowing the different variables to be accessed via a single pointer,
or the struct declared name which returns the same address.
The struct can contain many other complex and simple data types in an association,
so is a natural organizing type for records like the mixed data types in lists of directory entries reading a hard drive, or other mixed record type.

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  1. Sir which comopiler we have to use for best performance and and could you make the vidoe …sir reply me sir

    Provide link of that compiler

  2. Easily understandable and simple programs that made me get a clear idea about all important concepts in C. Thanks a lot sir….It helped me alot…..Thank u sir…👌👍🙏

  3. Hi sir, I can't able to understand your "InterThread Communication" program on multithreading concept. You can find that video on your java playlist. Can you please make a video to explain that program step by step.???

  4. Mr.Naveen reddy i want to learn spring framework, as i have gone through ur website,i have seen the courses over there,there i can see the amount like fee structure and all.. i am intrested i want to join the course .How can do the payments ..pls replg to my message

  5. Merry Christmas sir. I have seen all your c videos but it will be more helpful if you make more videos on pointers,static,dynamic memory allocation.Your explanation is very easy to understand so if you make so it will be very helpful for us…

  6. Sir, does sequence of members inside struct matters .
    In singly linked list, first block is DATA , second block is pointer to node.
    Sir, can you explain why data is first block and pointer is in 2nd block inside node.
    Struct node{
    Int data;
    Strict node * ptr;
    So, does the sequence of data and ptr matters as first block is of data and second block is of pointer to node.


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