SVEN P*RN GAMES? | Klay-Kremling episode 23


Another multi-game bundle? Here we go again…….




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  1. I'm pretty sure first Sven Bømwøllen game wasn't messed up in terms of graphics (that means White Sheep, Sven, shepherd and the dog). Guess you've played it on newer operating system without DXwnd (program that not only allow you to play a game on a window, but make it compatible as well) by using some kind of tweaks or hooks, etc.)

  2. Nice video but I need to mention that for some reason your "Sven kommt" was broken because I saw some gameplays of it on youtube and in them everything was working normal (also I think there is one more sven game you haven't mentioned and that game have 3D elements from sven kommt but gameplay is more like sven zwo)

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  4. Klay uploaded again? I'm actually upset I didn't get notified!
    reads title
    Uh… nevermind… maybe I should sit this one out.

  5. Hey Klay can you review another SpongeBob SquarePants game ps your theme got screwed up and I found out That Jurassic park dinosaur battle got rereleased as Jurassic park scan command and it has a scanner

  6. *looks at thumbnail*
    Oh… I like it, should I be concerned about myself?

    Edit: What I mean about “it”, I meant the drawing…

  7. One of the many joys of spring break is being able to watch new Klay-Kremling episodes the day they come out. 🙂
    I admire your tenacity, my dude. You made it through QUITE the series 😅

  8. Hey, Klay-Kremling! I founded a weird Frogger clone called 'Frog Frenzy,' and I remembered playing that game when I was in day care. Can you please review it?

  9. Holy Guacamoly! I don't know what's more surprising. The fact that ya actually made a review of the Sven games or that you actually tried playing Sven Kommt with that horrible FPS.
    (Btw thanks for featuring my comment in the video. Gave me a little smile i must admit.) :y

  10. Ok first of all klay kremling When i first saw the sheeps having SEX I just could not belive it you know and second of all Why the hell would Sex be even part in a video Game RIGHT ?

  11. Come on you guys! We all know “The Guy Game” is the peak in video game pornography! Yeah I said it! Fight me!


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