Swahili sentence construction #4 for beginners, Tutorial


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  1. I am in Dar slam …I was caming here after 1month so I want lern kiswahili language where I can found you ….

    I need answer please

  2. Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to learn Swahili due to a lack of clear teaching… I found you! Thank you so much for these teaching videos. ❤️🇹🇿

  3. I am Egyptian and i am interested in my content culture so i decided to start by learning sawahili as it contains a lot of arabic and hebrew words
    and i am getting well in it you really helped me with this beautiful smile

  4. ninaenda chou cha ustadi…. i tried to write I go to college.. I am practicing making random sentences and I am having an entire blast!!!

  5. Asante sana!! Some day I'll visit Africa and I'll be ready to speak Swahili! You make it so simple! Greetings from Chile.

  6. The best swahili lesson ever.. Just the way you put that enthusiasm is totally priceless …..please do more videos

  7. https://chat.whatsapp.com/JcNfMLPkSqPKt8R9pL7rSu
    Madooneysey group Swahili haa noogu soo biir
    Unataka group LA kiswahili join us

  8. Can anybody help me with this? "Malaika nakupenda Malaika" is supposed to mean "Malaika I love you Malaika"
    After studying the lesson I thought that "I love "is supposed to be "ninapenda". Where is my mistake?


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