T-Mobile 5G vs. AT&T 5G: who does it better?


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  1. At&t: Will work in less than 10 cities and requires our most expensive phone plan.
    Tmobile:60% of US customers have access on their current phone plan.

    At least we know which carrier has the right ideology behind it.

  2. Hmmm…It appears if I read that correct that AT&T has nothing for 5G in Chicago at this time. So nothing for me to do with them at this time with regards to 5g.
    Basically for me too early to tell and to say anything definitive or significant🤔

  3. This whole 5g thing is very interesting. I'm guessing it will be a couple of years before it will start to see it's true potential. Great coverage as usual Sneed!

  4. All ima say is AT&T has the money to have better 5G network with them pulling in close to 200 Billion in revenue a year vs T-Mobiles 50 Billion. If I had to bet, im betting on AT&T hands down.

  5. Why does ATT complicate things with stupid monikers like 5Ge, 5G and 5G+. It seems like such a sham that they have to overcomplicate 5G. Its better to use an Android app like SignalCheck to verify which spectrum band your phone is currently connected to.

  6. I hate to admit it, But I'm sure At&t is gonna have the best 5G due to the frequent infrastructure upgrades on the daily.

  7. I am more excited for n14 5G than n5 5G but it's still good that they doing low band as well also n30 gonna be dope also

  8. For me personally I don't care about 5G. What I care about is indoor coverage which T-Mobile lacks. I know WiFi calling helps, but we don't want to always depend on WiFi for coverage.

  9. What's up all, well just wanted to drop something I just noticed, I live 50 miles north of ATL; tested my s9 with speedtest and I got a download speed of 113mb with about 10mb upload. It's been the first time I've noticed this phone pull that speed. Any of ya getting improvements on 4G LTE?

  10. I know that I’m in a minority here, but I’ve been very happy with “the first rollout” of T-Mobile’s 5G. My Oneplus phone hasn’t had any issues at all, going from 5G to 4G and then back to 5G. Yes, the 5G network isn’t an improvement over LTE in regards to speed at this point, but everyone bashing on the speeds and coverage should let up for a bit! This is just the beginning, and at least T-mobile has a much larger true 5G coverage footprint than any of its competitors.

  11. Nobody should have high expectations and performance from these initial rollout of the 5G networks from any of these carriers. None of them have the same path forward. Everyone doing their own thang.

  12. I feel AT&T will deliver and have a better turnout than T-Mobile's initial rollout. I'm guessing speeds will be 300-600 consistently in the cities that they rollout low-band 5G at.

  13. I’m switching to At&t!! They have better service than t-mobile! At&t works everywhere!!! At&t will have the best 5g!

  14. Im in Las Vegas area and I have been using the Oneplus 5g for a week now … ( Ok about the 5g ) my experience so far I gotta say it's great I think it feels a lot better than my lte speeds and even better coverage. But few times it seems like I got disconnected from the network for few seconds …. ( About the phone ) I honestly haven't had any issus on over heading or freezing or crashing. But the I'll be honest there's at least one or two times during the day when my battery just starts to drain fast. A good 20 to 25% of battery drop in just few minutes ….. But in my opinion it really hasn't been an issue for me, I putting on a charger few min and I'm back where I was no biggie … So far this has been my experience so far here in Las Vegas.

  15. That’s how they don’t care about Dallas… it’s headquarters city and yet I don’t get a 5Ge icon on my phone here in south Dallas even though I am getting band 5 lmao


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