Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints Week 1, 2018 FULL Game


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  1. Hey NFL. When are y’all gonna record all games in 1080p and above? 4K would be a more noticeable jump tho but it’s like 1080p should have been the minimum a few years back

  2. Please please upload the 2006 Ravens vs Giants Preseason game! I know odd request but I literally can't find game stats anywhere and apparently Jared Lorenzen (aka the legendary Hefty Lefty, RIP) really put on a good show!!

  3. Literally every Saints fan after this game thought their playoff dreams ended. They won 10 straight after this.

  4. Lattimore got burned so bad that season by Mike Evans in both games while in man coverage, the Saints had to completely restructure their scheme in 2019 to give him help. Not a strike against Lattimore, I guess. Most teams know not to single-cover M1K3. Even the Giants learned that last year when they tried it with Janoris. Not a single corner can cover him one-on-one. P2 tried. Sherman tried. Honestly, Bradberry has probably had the most success against him in such scenarios.

  5. Replay Saints v panthers week 12 of last year. I'm a panthers fan and upset by the loss but it was an amazing game.

  6. Probably greatest receiving corp in the last 20 years – Evans, Jackson, Godwin, Humphries, Howard, Brate. If we only had Brady with this group

  7. Mike is the best receiver and the most unguardable receiver in the league and no one can’t guard mike who dat saints let’s go who dat nation 🖤💛⚜️💪❤️🙏🏈


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