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About Ubermanuk

Ubermanuk worked as a bus driver in Manchester for most of his working life, he then decided to take the leap of Faith into the world of private hire driver, watch his videos and follow his journey from the start to the end of his career as an uber driver.

Ubermanuk started to do blogs on YouTube it quickly took off and he is well known in the uber and taxi community.

Partly due to a marriage breakdown ubermanuk had to return back to the Buses,

Ubermanuk will continue to do regular updates about himself and uber community but unfortunately he not a uber driver no longer.

Hated by some Love by others you make your mind up.

Ubermanuk has met up with a lot of followers and fans over the years





Steve ubermanuk


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  1. You have done an awesome job videoing the entire process of what it takes to become an uber driver in the UK. I like the idea of having to have a first aid kit in the car. You just never know when you might need one.

  2. Thanks for uploading.
    You could make a video about that camera/mirror unit.
    Have you followed some special new-car-running-in protocol?


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