The 24hrs of Audi R18 e-tron quattro Sebring Test – /SHAKEDOWN


After winning the Sebring 12hrs, Audi stayed over to conduct tests of their new 2012 R18 e-tron quattro and ultra Le Mans racecars. Leo Parente and /DRIVE were invited to observe and talk with the team. Watch the e-tron in action, listen to the thoughts of Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich [Head of Audi Sport], Ulrich Baretsky [Head of Engine Development] and Allan McNish [one of the 2012 Sebring winning Audi racers]. And more.

LINKS – has a ton of R18 details. Enjoy.

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  1. I love these cars it's incredible how far the technology has gone,being a road racer,(italian too)this is my dream car,job to drive the prototypes sports car,I love Allan Mcnish his quote from a later interview,because everyone wants to know what it like to drive hybrid P1 car,he explained the different areas of managing both fuel and electric systems,and his final word he said,at the end of the day it's the same,you step on the go fast pedal,to go,and you step on the go slow pedal,and you turn steer hoop in front of you,like any other race car,I love that and it's going on the back of my race helmut,thanks Allan,thanks to you guys for the great video,I love Sebring,and I love airport racetracks,turns out Sebring used to be an airport,I've been drive a sim in a LmP2 2010 Honda v6twinturbo,down to 1min58sec,place is bumpy as hell,looks bumpier in this video,but is such a fun track,short but one hell of a work out,much more than Le Mans 8.47miles,is walk in park in comparison,I love le mans just as much though…as road racer you never get tired of sweepers,they fun and challenging at the same times,there's that line you walk to get them right or mess them up…it good challenge…thanks,I love silver,may be we can work out details of monthly payment plan..

  2. According to a German paper, on the 11th of March, Lotterer did a 1:42.6!! in the new 2014 R18 e-tron quattro when Audi and Porsche was testing their LMP1s at Sebring, before the 12 Hour race

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  4. @chicago2699 yeah I know man, it's one of the best channels on YouTube I just don't like this guy on it. It ruins it for me when I see a new video posted that I really want to see and it's a shakedown with Leo.
    I hate all the videos where they just talk in a studio. Everything else though is perfect! I love this channel

  5. Wow, Baretsky's right, with all yhe knowlefge and genius he has now after building the ultimate diesel, imagine what he could do to a petrol engine 0.o

  6. Yep. It's a pity that Peugeot got away. They ran brilliant last year and just made Audi's victory even more outrageous. What a race.


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