The CORONAVIRUS Impact on Real Estate Investing | What To Do


This video explains the negative and positive effects that the coronavirus with have on the real estate market. Chandler shares how he believe this will affect the market and what you can do to capitalize on it.

Chandler Smith currently owns 103 doors of rental real estate. He has been investing for the last 6+ years and in this video he explains what he believes the coronavirus will do to the real estate market. He talks about how this virus has and will cause lower interest rates, higher building costs, and a lot fear in the real estate investing market. Chandler then explains how you can capitalize on all of these things to get a better deals and build your passive income and net worth. The biggest take home from this video is when life give you lemons, make lemonade. Don’t be stupid because of fear. When everyone else is acting out of fear, choose to thrive by acting out of reason.

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  1. I bet you're right about stock investors not knowing where to put their money because I'm a Real Estate Investor trying to figure out where to put my cash in the stock market right now.

  2. Too many “good deals” in the same neighborhood can lead to lower comps and in return lower property values. Overall I agree with you though.

  3. Trying to sell now. At current market value to get back in, in the following several months… selling, yes, due to uncertainty. But, with this recession, I really believe home prices will fall as foreclosures come about. Timing the market is very difficult. But if hypoethitically my plan works out then I will have made the right decision. If I cant sell within this coming month at my price, I'll keep it. It is what it is… the philosophy would seem similar to that of stocks. Buy, hold, sell higher than purchase price… and buy when on sale.

  4. The City of Atlanta gov’t has shut down so has slowed down the renovation process for one of my rental properties in regard to pulling permits. Scarcity on building materials is also a concern further down the road. This is the time where giving yourself financial and time cushions comes in handy. I do think this is the time to purchase turnkey properties! Also, section 8 properties are good investments at this time with rent secured by the gov’t versus tenant who may be experiencing financial insecurity.

  5. In reality right now mortgage rate is going up and it’s hard to find lender. Meanwhile real estate market is not panic at all, let’s see what happens next couple months.

  6. Just got my offer accepted using fear as an advantage. I offered $20k under asking price, seller counter me with their bottoms line. I countered back staying with my initial offer, justifying my counter with “my fear and uncertainty of the market”. Seller accepted my offer.
    This will be my first house hack at 22. Hoping to grow my portfolio like yours and meet Kevin!

  7. There’s a lot of people loosing their job and there’s talks that it’s gonna take a lot of time to evict them or even worse “no rent due”. Some state are in lock down. I hope you have a lot of reserve

  8. I'm having a hard time filling a Vacant unit in a low inventory city (salt lake city) . I've got it listed well below the average rent too. Everything seems to be on pause. I'm hoping leads pick up as the end of the month gets closer.

  9. If you're in a real bind, you can call me and I'd be happy to purchase your property at a discount 😂

  10. Omg, finally someone who agrees with me. All of my friends are panicking and saying this is not the time to buy…and I keep saying that it is the best time, to get the best deals…lower priced properties from ppl who can afford to pay their mortgages and lower interest rates! Sorry, not sorry, but I’m going to have to take advantage of the unpreparedness of other ppl.

  11. My advice to all, very experienced recession expert economist and I have similar investments with loans and rent channel on youtube. stay away from fixed assets stay cash and liquid in this environment. House prices will fall by %40 minimum. As there will be a lot of jobless and lost businesses will sell their houses. Don't rely on rents they will be frozen and payments will be cancelled in most states evictions already banned in the state of Washington. Why do you think interest rates are ZERO? Because ROI s will dip so deep.. This is not fear this is experience. I am not advising people to buy gold etc. as well. As USD is so valuable not noticed in the USA you can buy out of country half the prices even today as their currencies already devalued. As your president even accepted yesterday this will only start to curve down in July ..Prices will be back in 2-3 years. If you have so much cash to survive I would still wait the discounts will be more drastic in 5 months time.

  12. Great Video Man. Day trading puts to gain enough capital to purchase some properties in a few months. 😈 “savage”

  13. I’m a new investor but I’ve been studying real estate, business, and investing for 7 years ever since I was 14 so I know everything there is to know I just need to do it now. The city I’m trying to invest in is one of the fastest growing cities in the country so as you can imagine it is very competitive but I’m trying my best and hopefully I can find a good deal. This week I’m going to call up and get a 2nd real estate agent because I think my first one isn’t really prioritizing me over other clients… Anyways, wish me luck and if anyone has any advice for me in a competitive market and finding good deals let me know 😁🙏🏼

  14. if you own a new construction home and have tenants paying your mortgage. How much would you reccommend someone should have in reserves? I have 250 for a cushion plus tenants sec. deposits and also have 1 year warranty and even 10 year warranties on all structural.

  15. We have 4 vacation rentals in PCB, FL. We've had some cancelations of course but since we're in a state landlocked area we're now seeing people in near by states booking with us since their other travel plans have been ruined. The college kids have more time off for spring break now too so we're seeing alot of college kids still booking with us also.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens! Good luck to you man. I'm with you though and not concerned as of now and have plenty set back. If anything this will teach people not to over leverage without having plenty in reserves lol.

  16. I'm trying to do a 1031 exchange in NYC right now but people are too scared to go to an open house =/ sad life

  17. “Chandler, you’re a savage.” 😂
    Fear leads to inaccurate thoughts and actions. Not letting this situation divert me from my goals.


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