The Darkest Movies You'll Find On Netflix


Netflix’s catalog of movies is one of the best among the streaming services vying for your hard-earned dollars. With around 4,000 movies to keep you entertained at any hour of the day, it’s a good choice. But what are the darkest movies you’ll find on Netflix that are actually still good?

Based on the short story The Forbidden by Clive Barker, Candyman stars Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd. Madsen plays a graduate student who’s working on a thesis about urban legends when she hears of a local tale about a man with a hook for a hand called Candyman. Before long, she discovers that the myth is true and gets the Candyman’s attention.

The movie is nearly 30 years old, but it’s still absolutely worth a watch. Todd is extremely eerie as the titular character and Madsen is smart and resourceful, unlike your typical horror movie protagonist. The film does have some violence but it’s not extremely gory and works far more on a psychological level. It’s also a really great examination of inner-city poverty that still holds up well today, and has a 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie didn’t make a huge impact on release, but it developed a cult following in the decades since – enough that a reboot produced by Jordan Peele is on the way with Tony Todd returning as Candyman.

Watch the video to see more of The Darkest Movies You’ll Find On Netflix!

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Candyman | 0:14
As Above, So Below | 1:07
The Conjuring | 2:12
Green Room | 3:02
Hush | 3:58
Insidious | 4:57
Shutter | 5:53
The Similars | 7:00
Tusk | 7:58
The Witch | 9:12


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  1. The witch is not spoken in early American, because early American was English at that time settlers still spoke in the accent from their original country. The language they spoke in the movie was Old Northern English. To be precise ! North west Lancashire. Just saying!

  2. Forest of love is one of the most Disturbing movies on Netflix… it's a true story and it's so good.. but so hard to watch at the same time

  3. Wow you guys lost all credibility in one video
    1) Netflix has the best titles of streaming services? What… Lol okay there. Unless you're using a VPN which slows everything down to allow you to watch whichever country Netflix services available, then you may as well use a free online Streaming service and deal with the ads then to use Netflix, hell there use to be a far better streaming service called NetTv, but Netflix and Amazon both got their feelings hurt when they realized it was better and went after them legally for pirating which yes they did do… But, NetTv is still king
    2) What's wrong with you guys and your staff? Rotten Tomatoes… Really? Guess we can all ad you guys to the bullshit list including but not limited to
    1)WebMD, creating more panic since day one 😀
    2)Rotten Tomatoes… Cause they're Rotten now
    3) Buzzfeed, Vice, Forbes and Bloggers in general: where anyone who's anyone can just make shit up, I especially like when feminist talk about what it's like being a man and how horrible we are, that's like me telling women what to expect during you're first period.
    4) Grunge Congratulations guys you made it 😀 so proud of you really I am
    Sure there's more I can't think of any right now. But congrats guys keep up the poor and misinformed work 😀

  4. Help a dog in need please

  5. All choices are good except the Evil Neonazi Bar in Oregon movie – your chances by being killed by an evil religious fanatic from the middle east, a ghetto youth or by a cartel member are much higher. Hollywood should try to make a movie about a western person decapitated by ISIS in Morocco like with two Dutch girls recently

  6. Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2 were both pretty scary. And horrific. Justin Long in both was excellent, though he only briefly cameos in the 2nd movie. That dialog-free cameo is scary enough.

  7. 20 years ago "The Eight Immortals Restaurant: The Untold Story (1993)" is the Darkest Movie I have ever watched, it was so dark, I couldn't eat Steamed Pork Buns for 6 months.

  8. As above, so below is definitely worth a watch. It's never going to win a oscar but good to watch if you want to get a good scare and slightly freaked out.

  9. why do people use Rotten Tomatoes Fresh ratings as an indication that a film is good or bad..
    they are compiled from few critic's opinions, and critics are idiots.. just use the audience score.
    or imdb (which i trust more)

  10. I've been told I look just like justin long for nearly 15 years. I'm 28 and I am told i look like him by random people at least once a week

  11. I LOVE Candyman!! My mom watched all the horror movies with me from the time i was born so i LOVE them and I've done the same with my daughter and she is just like her mama…. anything scary,creepy, unexplained-shes in! (She's only 5 😆)


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