The Invisible Man (2020) (Dead Meat Podcast #94)


Chelsea and James talk about the absolutely terrifying 2020 reboot of The Invisible Man. The Dark Universe LIVES AGAIN

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  1. well at least in germany theres no need to proof somebody is dead, because the newspapers dont think anyone would fake that.
    about a year ago there was a mobbing case, where some kid had a note about the death of a classmate (who was very alive) posted in the local newspaper.
    he used someone elses credit card to pay it and got in some serious trouble (with the police) after that tho.

  2. I was pretty sure that leaving her money in his will was to make her come out to the office so he could find her and follow her. Before that he didn't know where she was.

  3. Finally saw it yesterday and i have to say… Probably my favorite movie of the last few years. It is absolutely amazing. Absolutely.

  4. I thought the same thing when the girl got hit it made no sense how she thought it was the main character and when she calls his phone because he’s supposed to be dead why does he have a phone

  5. I think we should all have a moment to think about how great this idea for a modern remake of The Invisible Man is.

  6. 51:10 Here's a good tip! Don't eat the magic wall cotton candy, it will end with a trip to the E.R. And that's why I can't help my dad with his house projects anymore!

  7. She should've just wore the suit when she discovered it… there isn't any indication that you have to know how to use it before hand, especially since she wears and activates it in about 5 mins at the end.
    The rest of the movie would've been a battle of wits between invisible people 😂.
    Edit: …or you know, just use it as proof and end the movie.

  8. i feel like it started off so strong an then pace of the movie was too slow in parts that the suspence got lost but the intensity was definitely there through the camera and the acting (which i think saved alot of the film, along with the ending)
    fun fact: the wrtiter/director wrote 3 of the saw films and 3 of the insidous films

  9. The second I found out this film was about a female suffering domestic abuse I lost all interest. I prefer movies with a bit more realism and from what I've experienced ad witnessed in life it's the other way round. Men are the victims.

  10. I don’t like the conversation she has with the sister in restaurant because she talked too much and took too long when she was about to tell the truth. I told my friend that the sister is about to die if it takes soooooo long. And she is immediately dead at sight.

  11. But the phone theory can be broken by saying that she planted the photo by keeping a timer on the phone and clicking the pic.

  12. I agree with Chelsea i too feel stressed out when the trope of other characters not believing a character happen.

  13. If they really wanted to make this part of the Dark Universe and there’s a crossover, they could always use Cecilia and make her the Invisible Woman

  14. you're telling me James' sister's name is (or at least was if she was married and took her partner's name) Janelle Janise. That's cruel.

  15. The suit would work practically, and I think there are prototypes of cars with a sort of invisibility camo on them, but I don't think it's a thing that's feasible for use on a person or a car in motion or anything like that.

  16. My take on the abuse is that the guy was a horribly controlling, mental and emotional abuser who could get physically violent if she didn't give in to his demands.

  17. I can’t wait to hear you say “we’re husband and wife and we like to get scared together” am i weird? Lol


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