The real reason I quit Door Knocking as a Real Estate Agent…


There was a time, a long long time ago, in a neighborhood far, far away…that I actually did door knocking as a real estate agent. This is why I stopped. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan – Click SHOW MORE for more details:

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  1. This is like an out of shape guy talking about how much the first week at the gym sucks… "Weights just weren't for me… so now I walk my dog and pretend it's exercise."

    Knocking on strangers doors is difficult, but it will never be outdated. Making youtube videos where you edit out mistakes with fancy jumpcuts, and always have perfect lighting and backgrounds gradually makes you more and more insecure about how you look and sound…

  2. Graham – Love your authenticity – Many struggle with Door knocking its definitely not for everyone. Its not for me either.

  3. i couldnt help but staring at four black dots on your neck, reminded me of the fist of the north star movie. lol. i believe at least 6 months door knockin should be sufficient enough to get some biz goin.

  4. im a door knocker. people get calls all day over the phone.most agents ,insurance,lol all kind of calls.u leave a message like all the other agents it can be like spam mail. but knocking on that door u leave your letter,business card and maybe talk to the home owner…

  5. Basically Gram somehow never did sales and became a millionaire in sales…. I dont buy it. I think he has some connections via family. Probably grew up in the right group and just had it come easily when he got his license. I have been an Agent, Investor, Wholesaler, buyer, developer, etc. The path doesn't match up. His statement about selling a $2.3 Million dollar home says alot about how he sees himself. He doesn't see himself as a small ticket salesman. Only big, fancy, luxury, and status status status. Someone has an ego! haha. My tiny house in Los gatos, CA was 1.3. So doing 2.3 isnt a big deal in Cali. It just sounds good on the video.

  6. I would be curious how much Gram makes from ACTUAL real estate sales vs his rentals and youtube. Doesn't seem like a great salesman. Failure is the essence of Sales. And he definitely doesn't make the grade from what this video is saying.

  7. I have a ‘no soliciting’ sign on my front door. I won’t answer unless I am expecting you. If, by chance, I do answer & it’s a salesperson, I just ask them if they can read. 😉

  8. What is your opinion on getting a permit to door knock for realtors in the Weho/Bev Hills area. I am in that area and want to door knock but apparently you need to get a pricey permit to knock doors here as it's considered soliciting (It's called a solicitation & peddling permit). Did you have a permit when you did it? Also, for realtors who are ok door knocking, do you think the Hollywood hills area is ok or is it too affluent and should we stick more to "middle class" areas?

  9. Move from "Door knocking" to "Dog walking". Borrow the cutest door ever from one of your friend, and walk that dog in the street you are targeting at the time when people walk their dogs ( end of the day when they are back home from their job). Talk to every single dog walker and pretend to be incredibly impressed at how cute and beautiful their ( actually incredibly ugly ) dog is. Let those people amaze at yours. Look cool, easy, smiling, don't give your business card, ask one sneaky question or two in the conversation to qualify that person ( your dog must know every single dog in the street , right ? ), tap gently your future prospect 's dog and give your first name when leaving ( I am Mike by the way. Have a great day ). Dot it 3 days in a row, give your business card the 3rd time you meet that same person. It works super well. Plus you may even get a date of two in the process, maybe with superstars if you are in Beverly Hills 😉 ** Bonus : if you have a female dog and walk her at the right moment ( you know…), all male dog owners will have no choice but be dragged by force to you, crossing the street skiing on their knees trying to retain their "hungry" dog. Who said real estate was difficult ?

  10. Graham i know this is an old vid but could you give a figure on your sales volume? Im guessing around 2 a month based on your gross sales number but i may be way off. Sorry if this is too personal

  11. Very important question: does inviting the neighborhood to the open house ever hurt a potential sale? I'm imagining people in the room end up talking to each other and then a potential buyer ask the neighbors some questions and those people reply in a negative way that drive them away.

  12. I've learned in my years in the sales industry that there are 3 different types of leads. Cold, warm, and hot.

    Cold is when someone is not interested and you're trying to get them interested. Hard to get a good turn over .

    Warm is when they inquired before but didnt ended up doing something at that time or are an old customer you want to come back. They are either familiar with you so it's easy to sale to them because trust is already build there or are easily entice to get on board.

    Hot lead is when they come directly walking themselves in the door ready to get something going immediately.

    Door knocking is basically considered "cold lead" to me because they weren't interested and to get a good turn over is very rare and hard.

    I've tried direct marketing (what some other people call it) for a different market and it's not fun. Being out in different weathers suck with potential of not getting paid for the day because a sale didnt happen sucks. To me working a 9-5 job is better than the direct marketing because at least I can guarantee pay for that day of work.

  13. I did a fundraiser this year for my vocal ensemble class, and sold cookies door to door, for my fair share.

    I swear there was a dog behind every door I knocked on, sometimes I wonder what would happen if they managed to get threw. I feel that Graham lol

  14. Graham,

    Thank you so much for making this video. I've been watching you for a few months and I agree with your methods. I have learned so much from you. I'm 21 and going to college to study chemical engineering. I got a job doing door to door sales this summer and I just quit that job about a week ago. I felt like the sales methods we were taught were dishonest and I had many of the same feelings you describe in this video. Long story short I've kinda felt like a failure and have been watching your videos to find encouragement to keep moving forward. I have a new sense of motivation and I am going to keep working hard to make money in college to save to buy my first duplex property when I graduate. I have $11,000 so far and I should be able to have the down payment when I graduate. After I graduate Ill start off hopefully making $70,000/year and I should be able to save 30-40k of that. The goal is to buy 10 properties in 10 years from the age of 25-35. After that Ill pay them off and have the freedom to live off the rental income if I choose. Thank you for the encouragement and wish me luck as I follow your strategies.


  15. Graham, I'm not an agent yet but I know if I'm going to be one I'll have to pick an area. The area I have in mind already has an agent, is it still worth going after? And if so do you have any advice?

  16. My hatred for door knocking is the reason I left door to door sales for auto sales. Youngest salesman on the floor (19 years old) #2 on the leaderboard almost every month. Even though it's not real estate, I think it was a meet Kevin video that convinced me to go out and get an auto sales job.

    Imagine how weird it would be for a car salesman to door knock.

  17. Hey Graham, I'm new to all of this and my wife and I want to make the best decisions we can. We're broke college students but can have someone cosign and are talking about househacking a multifamily home. Can you teach us how to assess the value of a property and how to go about making an offer with/without a real estate agent?

  18. You decided you quit real estate OR you quit door knocking? Wonder how life woulda turned out had you quit real estate and kept door knocking. #foodforthought 🤔

  19. Watching this in the middle of the night with headphones on, the knocking sound effect at 0:06 super freaked me out.

  20. in my city almost every houses have an external wall or gate and a buzzer sometimes with camera, and usually is the cleaning lady who answers ( house service is pretty cheap in Peru) any ideas how to go around this barriers? i would appreciate the insights

  21. I totally get what you mean by hating the introduction door knocking, I get the same exact feeling. The only time I door knock and do not get the feeling is when I door knock for open houses like he said, or when I knock with a specific buyer looking in the neighborhood

  22. Back when I was in Gr 8, I did door to door knocking to sell prints of my art to raise money for my school trip. While it was great selling my artwork, door to door was very uncomfortable for me (massive introvert, lol).

    Believe it or not, I actually managed to make 285 dollars, just short of my goal. I just needed one more sale! I remember trying my hardest to get that last sale, and I finally did. The woman had a terrifying dog, grabbed one of the prints out of my hand (the last of that print… It wasn't actually for sale…) and put 3 dollars in my hand. Then she walked back into the house and yelled really loudly "I think I've just been ripped off".

    Since then I've never door knocked again. (Luckily!)

  23. You should have kept working Mar Vista… It's now considered part of Silicon Beach and those mid-100s houses are now sky-high prices. I live nearer to LAX and the amount of door-knocking in my area is astounding. I never need note pads and I'm constantly invited to the In-N-Out truck at neighborhood open houses. Bob Waldron has a lock on our area and doesn't use gimmicks to sell.


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