"The Struggle" – This is Where Bad Times Begin – Full, Free Maverick Movie


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  1. Good movie. I'm impressed. I lost my mind when Tracy pulled the gun on Bobby and had Zack handcuff Bobby to the pole and the Darnell used his own key, which worked to unlock him. lol. The ending was a shocker. Dang good movie, the writer had a story to tell. Good job.

  2. Maverick theatre / views 402 , 112 ticket # 23,387 time 1:37:08 hr
    The struggle , inviting 4th st , 54 west Westchester county NYS 300 gramatan Yonkers 174 river Dale, 4 east on the west st, s&f barber shop ,famous barber shop ,district 10 , all community, vet's start time now !

  3. I really like movies like this cos it show's the middle class and upper class people the struggle the shit we go though everyday of our life's us the benefits and ghetto kids

  4. How they gunna handcuff the cop but not take his car . Then dip set wit someone who can’t walk right . Come on y’all..

  5. Ok are they the only ones living in the hood don't see no others people walking cars going by just the charters very low budget movie but interesting.

  6. All the actors in this movie y'all are awesome awesome acting the acting was too good y'all made it look real love the movie plenty much love

  7. Great movie Thanks 2Marverick u will have struggles in life but u have the choice 2make it right BLESSINGS with LOVE2U&URS4LIFE

  8. Can one explain why do American black people pick up the white plantation slang word nigger what was used on them to separate slaves from them self's

  9. This was a pretty good movie and one thing I hate is snitches especially fake drug niggas. What I really love is the pyramid driving across the Hernado De Soto bridge symbolic of ancient Kemet!!

  10. One thing I will never understand is how the mama gets mad at the friends , no stupid it’s ur responsibility to raise and beat her ass beat her, good movie


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