The Truth On What Kombucha Does To Your Body DOCTOR RESPONDS!



Today Dr. Ryan Shelton talks about the positive benefits of the probiotic drink kombucha and what it can do for you! He’ll also address some of the myths of kombucha too. Come take a look!


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  1. Have you tried kombucha? What was your experience like?

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  2. 1. Drinking green/black tea and taking a probiotic supplement is not equal to or better than quality kombucha (home-brewed is great). The number and variety of beneficial bacteria and yeasts in kombucha are far greater.

    2. The pellicle (mushroom) is NOT the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). It is the cellulose created through SCOBY's digestion of sugar. The finished kombucha or acidic brew from a SCOBY hotel (vessel) is the actual SCOBY. A pellicle will form in a batch to which only the SCOBY liquid has been added.

    3. Scaring people away from brewing their own kombucha is doing them a big disservice. Shame on you!!

  3. Does Kombucha helps to heal Ulcerative Colitis patient from drinking Evey single day by following dosage and guidelines. Please tell me. I'm suffering a lot from this stomach disease.

  4. Can I expect from kombucha to help my recently diagnosed celiac condition. Addition what can I do other than gluten free diet to improve my gut? still experiencing diarrhea! After 1 year. TY

  5. I drink around 12 ounces three times a week and I'm a huge fan. I've noticed when I drink kombucha regularly, I stop having allergic skin reactions. I think it aids in strenghtening my gut flora and that in turn manages candida overgrowth. I don't know how else it would have such a notable effect on mitigating my breakouts.

  6. Question.. I was looking at start brewing my own Kombucha most just because I like how it tastes. I have however heard stomach acid kills most of the probiotics anyways..Is this truth?

  7. I had H. Pylori a year ago took the triple therapy and got rid of it but the burning in my stomach is still going on over a year later.
    I don’t need anything that could aggravate my stomach but I still have a burning. are usually don’t get acid come up into my esophagus it’s just a burning in my stomach. my experience with probiotics I can see it was good and bad at some point I thought I was getting a burning in the very same spot up a Rabbs so I stopped taking them.
    after the triple therapy I’d like to take the probiotics but I’m afraid to make things worse because of what happened before with the burning in upper abs.
    is it possible that probiotics did cause burning in my upper abs?
    i’ve been drinking kombucha but I don’t know if that’s enough to replenish my system with a good bacteria. how could I be certain that if I take probiotics that it won’t hurt my stomach?

  8. Kombucha got rid of an ammonia I had years ago and again this year. It also got rid of smells/rashes/sweats from my underarms and groin area – I am 63 years old and my doctor did not even care about that – I think He thinks that is something older people should live with …. SO this season when I got ammonia I remembered KOBUCHA and started that and that knocked out all that STICK and slimy skin fold mess. PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF, SO the doctor just will not be getting my money to pay for his HOUSE ON THE LAKE THIS YEAR AT LEAST. 🙂

  9. Seriously thank you for taking the time to do all the research that you do and to make these videos! I adore kombucha the doctors were trying to tell me that I had IBS… It turns out my gut flora was just off so I started drinking small amounts of Kefir. And then small amounts of kombucha increasing it now but I don’t drink nearly as much as 12 ounces a day but I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my gut! No IBS! 👌🏻 my doctor was trying to tell me to stay away from Green tea when it’s my absolute favorite thing to drink… Unsweetened with either peach tea or jasmine added to it! But I’m so happy to be back drinking my green tea again and to have learned about kombucha because my stomach and skin are doing wonderful! 👌🏻

  10. For over 20 years I've been drinking home brewed kombucha, untreated spring water that I get at a spring in the woods, and raw milk and honestly I've never had a problem with any of them. However, unless it was an emergency situation and I had no choice I would never drink commercial milk, or municipal tap water. And as far as commercially manufactured kombucha goes a lot of the commercial kombuchas are pasteurized, destroying the many health benefits of the probiotic content in the drink (the heat during pasteurization kills the helpful probiotics found in the kombucha). Then you're offered a capsule with probiotics that you can spend your money one while you are spending your money on high priced commercial kombucha that has no health benefits. This video is in essence a sales pitch and that's ok but it would be nice to know that ahead of time. This kind of video makes people feel like they've been sucked in. Not going to give it a thumbs down though because business is business but I won't give it a thumbs up either.

  11. Thanks I appreciate your information I love kombucha I started to brew it at home and I feel great, energetic and stoped having stomach problems . I try not to drink it everyday just in case .

  12. selling a competitive product eh? i think your leaving out studies that refute your 'concerns' .what about the history of kombucha ? GMO kombucha ? how does it work with nutrients ? most importantly is you don't have to pay to get the best [or cheap imitations pushed by well meaning doctors] ') my experience is,at 58 it has rocked my world !! IBD gone! allergies gone !! limp gone! recovery time from strenuous exercise shortened and use of aspirin gone . did you hear about the story from Chernobyl ?

  13. question what cause bad bacteria to get into the drink because i been home brewing for a while i try to wash my hands before i touch the scoby and i always keep the top of the jar covered with a cloth and also are there any testers i can buy to ensure no bad bacteria gets in


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