The WORST Animated Movies of the Decade Tier List


There were some pretty awful animated movies this decade. Let’s rank em!

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  1. Sorry for the late video, I recently moved and I'm still trying to catch-up with my schedule. My 2020 animation expectation video is still coming out this Friday. See y'all then!

  2. How the hell was lion king 2019 a rip off of the original Disney? They did an amazing job for what it was. I honestly didn’t watch it for a year because I didn’t think it looked good and I thought “they can’t do better than the original” and they didn’t but they did just as good. What they remade from 1994 around 25 years later was surprisingly well done and I really don’t see how you can shit on it seriously call it a “rip off” when Aladdins remake was merely “meh” and was worse than lion king. I usually can see reasoning and agree with your reviews but I really can’t get behind you on that one and that’s coming from someone who didn’t want to watch it for the reason I thought it would be shitty and was proven wrong.

  3. Saber For Hire!
    If you saw a movie once and you try your very hardest to defend it, Saberspark will do his very best to make it sounds like your worst nightmare, on fire, in a trash can, in hell

  4. Time for a Gen-z kid to put in his bit on this teir list

    So a few movies I haven't seen on this list and a few I wished I have neer watched (I'm talking about you Izzy)
    however I found Home a good movie mostly I enjoyed the car it was different rating 6/10

    I was 10 when cars 2 came out I flippen lost it the beginning was a bit slow and over all I kinda forgot about the movies rating 7/10

    Mars needs Mom's people hate on this movie a lot but i enjoyed it, however it always seems like a fever dream to me like I don't even remember the kid I always remember how greatly animated the kids friend was overall rating 7.5/10

    Open Season 3 . . . .I don't remember it Open season one was my thing though so many memories

    Boss Baby . . .. . this one was weird for me I'm a teenager watching this I'm not a kid and I've learned about story telling and more things of the such and the second time watching it I actually came to enjoy it the story reminded me of Rugrat mixed with Kids Next Door but the movies is made for kids not teenagers if i wanted a movie more aimed for teenagers I could go watch Megamind or how to train your dragon boss baby rates 7.5/10 (I didn't like the baby butt jokes)

    The Wild Life I was 15 when this came out but i watched it when i was 16 i think . . .I actually enjoyed this movies it was a likable movie to watch with your family and honestly the story was that bad i rate it 6.5/10

    Alpha and Omega 2 let me just say . . . . . . 2 was enough no more was needed . . .I don't even thing 2 was even needed

    Small foot One of the best ones on this list I would say animation was funny the songs cringy but kinda adorable and all in all it was a pretty heartwarming conspiracy theory story rating 8/10

    Ice Age . . .I can remember any ice age all I can say is that I remember that dang squirrel

    The lorax all I can say are oh god the memes are a pumpin from that one 7/10 (7 because I liked the rock scene I'm being a little bias)

    Free birds is really good and I reccomend you watch it it's time traveling turkeys . . . . how high were they is my only question

    Finally Sing ok sooo visual frustration I just can't figure this one, the singing feelt a little too much and I know that sounds weird when the movie is about singing and all that jazz (pun not intended)
    I just can't fully explain why It's hard for me to even give this one a rating

    Will I remember this movie? Maybe idk
    Is it one of my favorites? No not at all it can't live up to Surfs Up not even close

    This move even watching it just fustrated me I wasn't sure if I was cringing or having a nervous chuckle did I like the songs or hare them (the mouse was fire ngl I enjoyed him) the german pig annoied me the pig mom also just wasn't likable or hateable she was just there the Kola was ehhhh I could go on for days about this movie

    All in all this is my short take on this video I'm surprised if you read it all but I'm obsessive over animation in general and storytelling.

  5. Gnomeo and Juliet is actually a solid film. On it’s own, it’s not bad. And i enjoyed it growing up. I will never understand why it needed a sequel. The first one is good on it’s own.

  6. On a scale of 1 out of 10, how would you rank the first Pixar Cars movie? I would rank it a 7/10. I use to love it, but now I’m more mature what makes other Pixar movies the best.

  7. One of my favorite movies is Rock dog well animated movies. but SING bacicly took rock dog and copied it. The gorillas backstory is the same as the dog in rock dog btw i forgot there bames so shame on sing

  8. Cars 2 is one of my favorites lmao. I don’t know why but I ended up watching it way more than Cars 1 which is also one of my favs

  9. 3:26 I watched this movie on nick (side not why did nick even make us watch this movie it’s so bad so ehthanks giving 2019


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