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  2. Staged all the way. Already standing there waiting for you to come in. Smh. Making videos for views. If you really about yo shit Cashapp me $Stonedtho420

  3. Fuck domino's. I used to be assistant manager for them and they treated me like a shit because im gay. Ive heard that they had a history with treating lgbt folks with disrespect but never fell into it until it happened to me. Every other manager got 500 bonus checks and for gms they'll get 800. I would only get 200. I got a 5 star on an audit so that's another 1000 bonus check and i only got a fkn pin with literally only 5 stars on it. They tried to accuse me of stealing asked them to show proof and they didn't have any. I asked to be stepped down to a driver instead and they ended up cutting all my hours. I haven't gotten fired nor haven't quit and its been almost 2 months without hours. I was told it's because I'm gay and thats why no one likes me. I was a hard worker. Always on time. Always covered peoples shift and always put my job first. I would even do gm's job and never took credit for it. Fuck DOMINOS!!!

  4. I have an idea, how about we fill up water guns with a mix of pepper spray and nasty toilet water. Anyone who thinks it funny to throw water in someones car can get a nice suprise to the face

  5. Oh my goodness!! That just shows how awesome you are!! You’re the best!! And congratulations on your graduation!

  6. That's messed up with the water. Damn, the biggest tip I got for delivering pizza was $120. Nice video man.


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