TOP 10 SPORTS CARS IN GTA 5 ONLINE!! (10 Sports Cars You Should Own) (2020)


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  1. Should have the paragon R here only 905k and it has max acceleration and has a top speed of 136.6 mph with a lvl 3 engine and lvl 4 transmission. Highly recommend it to all and most of all looks incredible I have tons and tons of cars and the paragon r is still one of my fav c

  2. 😅😂well it is not a "Ghibli"

    "Ghibli" is from Maserati

    And that's an Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Nice vid man!💪

  3. Your cars are so 🤮🤮🤮, u put stickers, carbon hoods and some anwful giant spoilers… Didn't you check what the vehicles are in real life ??? You killed the cars, my eyes are bleeding

  4. I am looking for a car to do missions quick. A fast one. What do u suggest? To travel to town and bunker etc. I have budget 2 mil. Cyclone, nero custom, vagner is nou 800k, pariah, 811. Can you help me?

  5. the first car (vyser Neoor whatever it is called) is really fast and has good acceleration but I did a sports car race with it and it can't turn and losses control on sharp turns and just slight turns.

  6. You know when he's says this is a general good sports car. It does around 120 next car iiiss a good sports car, in general. HE HAS NO CLUE ! Just making money off YouTube. Don't even start talking bout front tire drifting what's that

  7. i am quite unhappy about the fact that you talked about the best sports cars without mentioning the 275 thousand dollar Massacro….The best money for value sports car you can get without a doubt.

  8. In my opinion a great way to have money on gta v online always seems to work for me


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