Top 10 Worst Movie Actors


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  1. Some stand-up comedians should/should've stick/sticken to stand-up and stay/stayed out of acting, such as Jeff Foxworthy, Sinbad, and Bill Cosby, among others.

  2. !Unpopular opinion coming up!
    Will Smith
    Bruce Willis
    Adam Sandler
    Are also bad actors, I'm not gonna apologize but they are.
    Always acting like themselves/similar roles in every movie they've been in.

    They took their roles from amazing and brilliant movies and just stuck with it through out other roles…Will Smith acting like Will smith in Hancock, Bruce Willis acting like John Mcclane in non Die Hard movies, Adam Sandler acting like a spastic moron in every movie he's been in…
    And bring on the triggered folk 😀
    Also, in all honesty, I'd rather watch Tommy Wiseau XD

  3. Funny how you igored the fact that Madonna proved herself as an actress in Desperately Seeking Susan, A league of their own, Dick tracy, Golden Globe winning Evita, she just picked few terrible roles and declined some that ended up winning oscars… not to mention her last movie which she only did because she tried to make her husband happen in movie industry. He used her.

  4. To be honest, most of these people are not actors, they are athletes, singers and children of stars that did movies. No one considers Shaq or Hulk Hogan actors.

  5. I'm glad Heather Graham isnt on this list. Shes a decent actress and she was good in Boogie Nights and Swingers.

  6. Alone in the Dark is a shitty movie. Tara Reid as a neuroscientist has GOT TO BE one of the worst miscasts ever! Poor Stephen Dorff, he had to make 2 other shitty movies. Feardotcom and that Bucky Larson.

  7. Madonna sure can sing good, but she cant act. She was terrible in that movie where Willem Dafoe eats her out in the parking lot. Body of Evidence is the name.

  8. I only found tom green good in Bob the Butler; everything else hes in his acting is bad. How does he still act in movies?

  9. Agreed with Tom Green! I was watching that terrible Iron Sky sequel and his acting is so cringeworthy, it sounded like he was reading off cue cards!

  10. Agreed with Tara Reid!!! While the only good acting role she did was in Cruel Intentions, shes been awful in pretty much anything. How does this talentless bimbo keep getting work?


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