Top Characteristics of Top Producing Real Estate Agents


In this week’s episode of Mike Ferry TV, Mike covers 12 characteristics of top producing real estate agents. Listen to each characteristic and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 … with 10 describing you perfectly. This will help you identify the traits you need to work on in order to operate a successful real estate business and make good decisions as both a salesperson and a business owner.

Since 1975, Mike Ferry has remained committed to providing the real estate industry with the very best sales training and coaching through live local workshops, regional retreats, books, audios and video training systems. Mike’s philosophy is hard work and results-oriented … yielding a measurable increase in Agent productivity for over 40 years. See what we’re all about at or call us at (800) 448-0647.


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  1. Thank you so much for this. This means a lot to me. When I listen to you over and over, I see this deeper and deeper. I love your coaching. I will surely come next year for your retreat.

  2. You lost me moments into your video because I stopped listening to you and started looking/analyzing the offset picture behind you.

  3. Mike you are the best! I did follow your system right after and before I started my real estate business, and I got around 7 potential sellers and few buyer withing 1.5 months. I started from scratch and I don't have any friends, family. Really works!! 😀 😀 😀
    Keeping learning from you, thanks a lot!

  4. It's obvious that 4 people who listened to this don't plan on being great agents. Who the hell would dislike this.

  5. Hi Kierra, you can find our scripts on our website, here is a link:  


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