Touring a Rich Indian Farm (Multi Crop Plantation) – Part 1


We explore this opulent 30 year old farm (plantation) in India where Areca Nut is the main crop, and also explain companion crops like Cardamom, Coffee, Cocoa and Pineapple.

This Areca Nut (Betel Nut) Plantation is in Shringeri, Karnataka – India. Shringeri is a hill town located in Chikkamagaluru district in the South Indian state of Karnataka.

ABOUT SHRINGERI — Shringeri belongs to Malenadu range of forest in India. The hills of Malenadu are richly forested, coffee and Areca nut are grown in many places. This forest range receives plenty of rain throughout the year and moderate to high sun shine during summer. Under the Köppen system of climate classification that is classified as a tropical monsoon climate.

Touring a Rich Indian Farm (Multi Crop Plantation) – PART 2 —

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  1. It would be a great help if i can i get your cousin's contact number?? I am planning to plant cocoa, coffee in my farm. I wanted some information.

  2. I too wanna grow betel nut,but don't know which month is most appropriate to grow it.
    Would you mind giving me some basic information on this regard.

  3. I think areca nut is mainly used as some kind of chewing stuff along with betal leaf. I think they are not good for health.

  4. Plants specific full cutivation techniques covering soil selection and preparation, seed, growing, harvesting…….

  5. I want complete information with details about teek ( sagwan ) plants Please send me your whatsapp#
    My whatsapp# is here 00923377637337

  6. can i get coffee bean saaaplings and cardamom saplings and coco? i m ready to pay for all charges but i really want them.

  7. dear madam, i need areca leafs in huge quantity if you have collected leafs or anybody in your neighbors please give me detail how much per leaf cost. this is c.thavaselvam from madurai, tamilnadu, ph 9655754657


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