Trump Responds To IG Report On FBI Russia Probe During Education Roundtable | NBC News


Watch coverage of President Trump participating in an education roundtable at the White House, at the same time that the House Judiciary Committee is holding an impeachment hearing.
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Trump Responds To IG Report On FBI Russia Probe During Education Roundtable | NBC News


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  1. Are you people listening to this video??.. Open your mind to the changes that are so needed and moving forward with them.

  2. Russian asset NBC lied (again) about the corrupt FBI. Blindly following the D-rats’ narrative. Just communist propaganda.

  3. He was talking about himself? He said that it is an embarrassment and a disgrace. I just cannot believe these people.

  4. I guess the Dems think Americans are stupid. We watched Feinstein and her cronies at the Kavaneuh hearings. They new Ford and other women committed purgery and played along to try and destroy his character.
    So she really thinks we would believe anything she says. As far as the FBI goes, they are corrupt otherwise Obummer, Hillary could not have gotten by with selling US uranium to Russia or kept classified emails on insecure server.

  5. someone looks very sleepy ''feel sorry for the guy in between don and ted . guess he was only invited as a form of window dressing.

  6. Around this table i belive there is people picked that obius is asslickersin this fasade.thats why they are there.when it comes to schools betsy if had normal inncome would be kicked in orbit.No qualification in edjucation that is real or relevant.much brown dirt on their tunges half truth and no truths,every man belive he is rigth.Buty they are often not.

  7. Pence e say school thing they have done has change life,s it hasent been in effect yet.So children and parents have to move to a area WHERE THEY CANT AFORD TO LIVE TO SEND THEIR CHILD TO A PROFITT SCHOOL..MILIONS OF KIDS and families have to move job one or 3 places and child or 2-3 at a school where earth is flat? is that what the system is going to be.Betsy has no rot in reality non of them have..Wichfull thinking is their solution and a am not in to politics.It will be less choise for the middle class and down.the choise will maybe be there but people cant use it.and they can get a stupider child that belive the earth is flat and 6000 years.I am shure IT DOES THE OPESITE OF WHAT THEY SAY.nO DOUBTH.tHE SONG NEAR MY MIND IS BROWN DIRT COWBOY LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES.

  8. Take ownership of being a Traitor Trump and stop exploiting the people for which you don't represent at the time your are being rightfully striped of the Presidency for which you have wanted to be a dictatorship since January 20, 2017! You are the worst deal to have ever be place upon a Democracy and your MAGA bunion boot licking appointees and congressional "absent of oath" sheep all deserve to be behind "Bar + r + s" until the law of treason is applied to you accordingly. Mike Abrahamsen ~ Patriot ~ Democrat and Go Bernie 2020!

  9. What a bunch of fake outrage, liars… The Durham investigation… Obfuscation to lessen the blow about there not being anything here

  10. Serious question, what has Trump done ?
    Overtime I ask that question , no body says anything, but all I see is Trump lied, Trump did this Trump did that… but when asked WHAT he has done .. no answer.

    Im starting to believe no body knows what he has done, but just jumping on the bandwagon.
    Or what he has done, is really nothing.

  11. "EDUCATION"…Say what? What kind of education? That which has been designed to make you remain dependent and a "slave" forever?
    Wake Up all ya people…Wake up "dead people" and smell the odor of lies & deception…LIARS & DECEIVERS at what they do best, it is natural to them.
    "There's a Natural Mystic flowing thru the air"—Robert Nesta Marley

  12. They just keep making it up as they go. This is what I get for my Tax dollars, they are merely extorting me and wasting my money on illegitimate, illegal, unethical immoral acts which we should not be complicit in. We are financing what we are seeing. The people should stop preparing and paying their year end taxes,(if money is owed), and let this administration starve financially. They cannot arrest us all for that act of social dissent. No Taxation without legitimate representation.

  13. Call upon the "Deprived" people whenever you need them…Foolish "black" people, always used only to be abused…Grooming them in institutions for puppets & buppets.
    Now is the time for A New Beginning…"Get Out" and Build your own Nation!
    Elijah Muhammad has been Right all along. Now we know…GET OUT!

  14. Does this whole educational choice idea include funding to build schools in every town and county that will be close enough for our children to actually go to them, and will it account for bussing for families who get the choice for all the parents who have to get a job at the same time of the morning and don't have bosses that would excuse them and allow them to drive their children to school? Let's be serious here, this entire concept is based on wealth and those families who are not burdened with having both parents, or single parents, who must work and depend on all that public schooling offers and helps in getting children to the only schools, public schools. that are established in their communities. Every rural area in this country is not blessed with this so called "school choice" and they certainly don't have bussing to get these kids to some charter school even if they do have one within 50 or 60 miles of their immediate community. This is about wealthy private school families wanting tax credits to send their kids to these private schools because they want to cry foul over the fact states fund and run county public systems. It's nothing new to see wealthy people cry about how they think poor people, who have no choices like they do in the more wealthy metropolitan areas, over how they think someone is getting something for free that they aren't. Let's also understand that much of the time these families are white and they don't want to send their kids to public schools that have black communities in their districts and serve minority families in getting their kids an education. This is an absurd attempt for giving wealthy families these vouchers and tax credits. Lastly to have a few exemplary black students, who were in metropolitan areas, that got that chance to go to a charter school, despite this bill not existing during their journeys, is a set up to promote the whole idea as though this access is afforded to all communities in the country when they simply are not. When we hear these kids say things like "to give every child this chance at a good education" well how? How is it going to do that? That's simply not true, they left others behind and that will be the same all over, this will not change that, we aren't going to suddenly see every student leaving public school and going to a charter school. The solution is not to pass legislation like this that promotes private charter schools for a select few but rather we should be doing everything we can elevate public schools. This is where republicans fail us again. IF we aren't going to build charter schools in every community and build them to capacity to serve every family in that community, then what are we really talking about? We're talking about only these areas that have charter schools in metropolitan areas that can serve a few select awardees who show exemplary intellect and scores that win them the opportunity. It's about rewarding winners and leaving "losers" behind to keep suffering in systems that are defunded and dilapidating. It's all very positive speak in this room and around that table, it sounds good but let's not ignore the fact that so many public schools have been penalized and defunded based on standardized testing for a collective average to destroy them and the students who will be left behind in them. This is also not a budgeting effort to uplift those schools and students left behind. When Bush Jr passed "no student left behind" what it really should have said is "no select student left behind".

  15. Omg! This is totally demential!! This is a dark cult!! Total nonsense!!
    Trump’s words mean nothing. Total bs to make everyone go to sleep.
    Trump is an uneducated, lazy nut case.
    I cannot believe we are at this point!
    Thanks to evil Bannon! And Putin.

  16. So many lies and so much BS from Trump and his syncophants! They are making this all up. I wish that every American would listen to the analysis based on the facts, instead of this hogwash. It's unbelievable that the rest of the world sees through Trump's little show, yet so many people in this country buy into his crap. No matter how much he screws up, he always finds a way to blame it on someone else, and so many believe him again and again. We need to have some TV documentaries, in prime time, on how to spot a con man or woman, & people need to learn the meaning of the word paranoid, because Trump is both!

  17. These liars 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤬think that we don’t see this criminal acts. They leave alternative reality. The truth is” that this parasite is a criminal,corrupt,

  18. Watch what happens when well over a hundred and sixty million people will vote in the next presidential election ..
    Donald j Trump will be made small
    Two of his 22 digits will shrink.
    And fold back in like a newborn baby Trump.
    Let the games begin…

  19. What a BS Artist. The IG has very clearly said there was no plot against Trump. The IG was a Trump appointee, the FBI chief was a Trump appointee and yet the Orange Baboon insists there was a plot against him. He must really think Trump voters are fools. He comes up with new BS he feeds them every day. What overthrow of Government??? He has Barr and Durham working on another report to get him out of the lie he got caught on. Stand by for some serious BS from Durham and Barr.


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