Trying Entire Wendy's Breakfast Mukbang


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  1. Lolololol😂🤣 u already ate the Breakfast baconator 1st, that was on the bun with both sausage, bacon, fresh cracked egg, cheese and swiss cheese speard. I've only had the breakfast baconator and the wedges, which were both DELICIOUS 😋💯😋💯

  2. When I came to the south I used to be so confused… "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME JELLY?!" I had no earthly clue what you would need jelly for… they ova here putting the jelly on b4 they even taste the food.

  3. You are absolutely gorgeous without makeup 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽you beautiful either way though 🧡🧡love you both and keep the videos rolling 🙏🏾🙌🏽

  4. Nate I though you was on a diet dam you can eat.B when are you going to let Nate lose the weight so unhealthy poor thing it's her way or he want get an allowance. She make sure she keep the weight off so sad for hubby ☹☹

  5. In Cali some grocery stores that start at $18 an hour and a few people I know are all the way up to $37 an hour…

  6. I had Wendy’s breakfast yesterday morning and it was bomb! I love the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant and the Baconator! 😋

  7. The baconator was the first one you ate @blove love it comes with six strips Sausage on a bun with Swiss cheese sauce

  8. The fries are better freshly hot out the fryer I'm telling you and btw they been had breakfast at wendys for like 5 or 4 years now in Florida.

  9. Well I had chickenpox 3 times as a kid and shingles in my 20s and they said you only get it once so they be lying lol

  10. First time watching this guy on her channel because it my second video of watching her… and both of them pretty cool and funny.

  11. Her comment sections are always so misleading. People literally just say anything about her without even really watching the video. Anyway Blove, you look absolutely Beautiful with a fresh face 😍💕

  12. Mrs b… I think you ate it. Bacon and sausage and egg…lol mrs b it been gone since the beginning of the video…

  13. I love watching yo mukbangs so much B, but fr, Nate gotta stop eating with his damn mouth open ahahaha, We love watching you eat, but we aint tryna watch you chew.


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