Tutorial Island Speedrun in 2:54.26


So I discovered two new bugs which save quite a bit of time. The first one is very simple, just use your shrimp on another player’s fire and it skips the woodcutting and firemaking part, saving about 12 seconds (assuming your shrimp don’t burn).

The second one is just an easier method for a 1-damage rat kill, compared to the old method of using two accounts this one is much simpler to set up. Basically you just deal 2 damage to the rat on the ranger account and then log it out. When you deal the final hit with your speedrun account, the kill is awarded to you because it cannot find the other player. The reason I don’t use this trick for the first rat kill is because of an anti-spamming mechanic on the door, so you are forced to spend at least 7 ticks in the cage anyway.

Time lost: 2 ticks to a mistake when I exited the rat cage (I forgot to run to Vanakka right away before logging out on my alt), and 8 ticks to NPC positioning since I didn’t use alts to hold any of them in place. So you could save about 6 seconds, possibly more.

Source: cuocdoidanghien.com

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  1. I saw your comment on Tedious's tutorial island video mentioning the strategy of hitting a giant rat with an alt account first and then logging it out, but i'm not sure i understood it correctly.
    Would it be possible to achieve 0 combat exp by doing this with two alts and 1 main account doing the respawn hit?
    – Main account hits the rat first on respawn
    – 1st alt gets the second hit and logs out
    – 2nd alt gets the last hit

    Is this a possible scenario? And, if it is, does the first or last hit get the kill credit?

  2. man, ive spent my night trying to get a sub 4. (4:03 pr), it's very annoying having that extra dialogue at the start (are you experienced), which loses like 1-2seconds, and then at the end "do you want to be an ironman btw" loses you like 3. But overall, this is an insane run, good job dude.

  3. Looking forward to watching your other two speed runs! Have you considered making a master guide? As in fully quested, all diaries, reputations, music, mini quests, unique unlocks and so forth. I would be super interested in anything like this from you! Props brotha you gained a sub. 🙂


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