Tyson Fury Interviewed At His House In Las Vegas 30 Minutes Of Gypsy King Gold


Tyson Fury on Deontay Wilder and the fight:
“We’re putting it all on the line. You’ve got to commend both men for putting so much on the line. All boxers put it all on the line, but not boxers who have been unbeaten in eleven years. I take my hat off to Wilder. He’s been worthy adversary. I hope he brings his A-game and comes injury free. I hope he trains for a war. Anything less will be disappointing.”
“This is strictly business to me. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s nothing personal. It’s not a family feud. He’s not done anything to me. This is strictly a fight.”
Watched back first fight:
“I watch it every time I get on the running machine. When I do 60 minutes I watch the fight. I’ve watched for dozens of times.”
What do you see ?
“I see a lot of stuff I didn’t do, but I gave my all in the fight. I completely emptied the tank and I was completely exhausted after the fight. That was the best I could do on that day. I was totally smashed on that day. I look back and see stuff I could have done but I didn’t have the energy to do it anyway. So that doesn’t matter.”
“Throwing different combinations? I’m going to on his arse. I’m going to be all over him like a cheap suit. It’s going to be quite difficult to keep me off. I don’t think he’s got the strength to keep me off him. 6ft 9in, 19 stone ploughing forward like a bull in a china shop. He’s 210 pounds. He will fail.”
Risk of being more aggressive ?
“There’s always a risk. But higher risk, higher reward. If I don’t risk being knocked out, then I won’t knock him out. If I don’t take a risk then I’ll just beat him on points and lose a decision. I ain’t getting a decision here. 100 million per cent I believe that. I’ve watched that fight back dozens and dozens of times. I’ve got to change that style. If I didn’t get a decision then, then I won’t get it now.”

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  1. any man that has the brains to pick a wife that he chose is worth everything in my book. The two of them are Dynamite together and I hope nothing goes to his head

  2. Tyson's words at 20:30 remind me so much of many of my kin and my own journey with such things, in many ways, also.

  3. Gareth said he was talking to Tysons dad about the illuminati before the Klitschko fight………. suddenly a lot of things make sense.

    Holy crap

  4. I know lots of travelers and went to England Scotland Wales Germany and many many other countries with them.I lived in a caravan for years. Its the life for me. I still hang around with the lads. With that said Tyson Go fishing on a Sunday with the lads and the children you will love it. Cup of smoky tea and the rods and the craic is mighty.

  5. damn hes right about the bins. Recycling is fantastic but councils don't always allow all products to be recycled so then restricting bin collection just means people are left with increased waste in the house. Boils by blood. I hope to have this conversation with Mr Fury one day. I think we could maybe get a petition going. YNWA


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