Ultra Blonde Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions


On this ultra blonde guest, I used “cold fusion” technology to add 150 full sized flat keratin bonds. We’re obsessed with how it came out! What do you guys think? Tell me below! ❤️

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-Steven Mathew






Track: Wanderlust — CRASTEL [Audio Library Release]
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Title: Wanderlust by CRASTEL
Genre and Mood: Cinematic + Inspirational
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CRASTEL is an italian duo of composers from North of Italy, founded by Marco Crivellaro and Simone Castella. They compose music for media and documentaries. In 2019, they composed soundtrack for short film “Donnafugata”, premiered at Trento Film Festival. Wanderlust is their first single, a piano and electronic song.

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  1. Oh mein Gott, auf den ersten Blick ok, aber wenn man genau hinsieht, viel zu weit vom Ansatz weg. Die einzelnen Strähnen viel zu breit, wenn man die teilt ist es besser. Genauso wie die Keratinstellen, bitte die kann man halbieren. Die Arbeit ist zwar ordentlich aber nichts was ich von Greath Lenghts erwarten würde.

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  3. To far from scalp she can only wear them for a month or 2 now since her real hair will grow and form dreads😩 but great sectioning

  4. I have these extensions. And your pieces are wayyyyy to fat! The woman I go to uses smaller sections and she rolls them. She doesn't use these flat chunks. This method seems unnatural and seems like they would be bothersome after a few weeks. Plus this is a man placing them in. He doesn't have a clue how they would feel after a while. The woman I go to wears them herself. First rule of extentions If your stylist doesn't have extensions find one who does! That's a good start!

  5. Amazing work! I was wondering the brand? Is it ultra blonde? Or that’s the color. I would like to start using these on my clients. Where are you located?

  6. Those could be put slightly closer to the scalp just a tad bit. You need enough room to have mobility but that looks like it’s already grown out a bit. But the sectioning is beautiful.


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