Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit Installed Commercial Sink


Vacuum Breaker Replaced on Commercial Floor Sink Faucet.

Every day plumbing repairs and installs featured all while my two sons CB2 and Angelo the plumbing apprentice’s learns the trade.


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  1. Looks like a Speakman faucet. Too bad the guy didn’t take a pic of the faucet to send you before you arrived. Feel your pain. FWIW, I recently became aware that T&S has plastic Chinese parts in it – was once the best.

  2. Lol I just went to the store and came back trying to wrestle with this bastard. Yup should have replaced it! Or amazon I guess?!

  3. Hi CB, Good Morning Plumbers. Here in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, my first choice is J.A. SEXAUER for needs OEM Plumbing Parts all makes. Have a nice day and your sons too !!! 😃👍🏼👍🏼🔧🚰💧

  4. Ferguson, in my neck of the woods has in stock. At the end of the day you got it fixed, health dept and restaurant happy campers, Barrons plumbing are the heroes

  5. Cb, I did the exact same thing 2 weeks ago. American standard has not one not two but three different vacuum breakers for slop sink faucet. Local repair parts store only had the two I didn’t need. Amazon had the one I needed. Can’t really justify replacing a two year old faucet for a vacuum breaker but I get your point. Repair work is my bread and butter. A lot of customers appreciate repair instead of replacing. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!

  6. you can do repairs only, but have to be 100% the parts are correct for and mostly order online, because the supply counter guys haven't got a clue most of the time. if it's something with time constraints, then just replace the whole unit and be done with it, leave the old as a spare if they want to find the parts themselves lol.

  7. Yoooo chuck B!!!!!! Time is money big dawg…. no need for repairs we are out here to plunder and pillage…. lol nah I’m juts playing…. sort of… good work bro… how’s them solder classes coming along…🤙🤑😎🏝

  8. CB-1 I know those kind of jobs suck if you don't get the right parts but now that you got it fixed I bet you feel better about it now you know to go to Amazon to get your parts not the supply house Lol peace brother

  9. Chuck, we've all been down that road with back and forth trips. We are Professional Plumbers, and we have to find the right balance between being able "to fix" and when to "replace". Part of the problem today is that most customers don't understand what it takes to be in business these days. We all have those customers who think we are over priced, and it gets us in the mindset of trying to do that quick fix to save them money, when it actually costs "us" the Plumber in lost time and money cause of return trips.

    If we listen to our gut instincts, both the customers and the Professional can save time and money. I could go on and on about this subject for days. You're spot on with your analysis.

  10. Just replaced 2 at work last week and bought 2 extra for stock. Luckily just needed the internal stuff and it fit! lol. The old ones were 2 times discontinued so I was worried they wouldn't fit.

  11. Hi CB , Why is it on some smaller jobs , with running to the merchants and back , cost us money . Maybe replace instead of repair is the way to go ???. Keep the video coming .

  12. I hear you bro,old client called me with a stupid storm door fix,went back and forth 5 times,my money was flying out my van window and so was my temper lol,I think I am also going to take that advice

  13. At least you tried the simple solution first; restaurants probably make poor profits – the owner must have appreciated your efforts. I'm surprised a VB doesn't apply to the plumbing inspection dept. … At least he didn't have a hose attached to the faucet. If I was the health inspector, I'd be more concerned about the state of the floor – doesn't look good.

  14. Being a restaurant Chuck if a rpz device was in stalled after the water meter it would cover all possible water contamination issues


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