Vin’s NEW BMW M3 Project… Now With More V8!


If you don’t know by now, our man Vinny enjoys the variety that car life brings. So after serving him for many years and many, many laps at racetracks – it was time to say goodbye to his trusty E46 M3. The replacement? Arguably the best sounding M3 of them all: the E92. High revving V8, super nice in the street. What do you think, is this thing a come-up?

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  1. damn ive had my e92 m3 for 3 years and youve made yours nicer in 10minutes… how many miles on the car, looked really clean

  2. Lol when I saw that muffler drop my brain said “how stupid you have to drop the gas tank to remove the exhaust” that muffler is stupid big.

  3. Must be nice to drop 3k in parts like what while 30+ million are out of a job. Good stuff though. Wish we saw the work done.

  4. no emissions… not so cool. where is the torque wrench? Those bolts were not too tight just correctly installed.

  5. Super dope pimp. Love the way youse just tackle the job. Thatz me. It took me two days to do suspension on my car and Itz still high and rides like crap. Need BC Coilovers. Dammit lmao

  6. I ma keep it real with u chief. There's a reason these are cheaper. Its way newer then a e46 but looks way more dated already.


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