Weekly Goals For EBay Dropshipping UK – Social Media Marketing and Website Creation



Hope you are doing well! This week’s video is a day late due to a busy weekend however I filmed it Saturday as I hit all my goals on Saturday!

Happy to hit all my goals and to get more down. This week is a massive focus on my website. I have a lot of hope and promise for this website and really believe this is something which will do well.

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🤝 Social Media Links 🤝

📸 Follow on Instagram:

👍 Follow on Facebook:

👪 Ebay Dropshipping Kings UK Group :

👪 Ebay Dropshipping UK Community Group :

📧 Business eMail: jshutchmarketing@gmail.com
💰 Paypal 💰

Payment Service needed for ebay dropshipping
Link – www.paypal.com

💰 Cashback Websites 💰

Kidstart – Designed to help you save for your little ones, its the only one I have found who give you cashback on Amazon UK
Link – www.kidstart.co.uk/r1/2460420

Topcashback – Offers the highest cashback on a variety of different companies which not only can be used as suppliers but can be used in your day to day shopping, ASDA for example.
Link –

🔧Product Research Tool🔧

Zik Analytics is a brilliant product research tool when dropshipping on eBay.
Link –

👉UK Supplier List 👈

Amazon UK – www.amazon.co.uk
Screwfix – www.screwfix.co.uk
B&Q – www.diy.com
Costco – www.costco.co.uk
Wayfair – www.wayfair.co.uk

Wholesale Deals – Awesome supplier who offer wholesale prices on thousands of products. Some of their products offer upto 95% off RRP.
Link –

Thanks for watching!

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