What Are Growing Pains??


We had to re-upload this video due to an issue with the last minute being cut off.

In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy, explains the possible explanations for growing pains, and discusses where the symptoms would be felt.


Published Research Concerning Growing Pains


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  1. I have always had growing pains all my life and I still do get them sometimes and I’m way pasted middle age. I definitely don’t believe it’s psychological. I have found heat or exercise helps my pain a lot and I find it is aways in and around my knees. Really wish people could figure out what it is

  2. Hi it's amazing to see all your videos. I am a singer and I want to see how vocal cords look like and it's position in the glotice and how it works

  3. I always thought growing pains were my muscles growing faster than my bones. I think that came from the thought that the muscles we “inside” the bones; the bones encapsulated the muscle groups. The thoughts of a child. But it’s interesting that there’s no real proof or definition of growing pains…at least not anatomically or medically. Mine would either be in the calves and shins or the whole leg, thighs to calves. They would be so bad I remember my mom telling me she would hear me in the middle of the night banging my leg agains the wall. I get them now occasionally (I’m 29) and it feels like it’s from my hip joint to my ankle but I think it’s mostly positional to how I slept the night before? 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is all so fascinating!

  4. Do you guys have or can do a video related to fibromyalgia ill like to see what happens inside me im been suffering from this for 13 years know.
    Im tired.

  5. I remember having "growing pains" when I was a kid 75 years ago. One, in particular, involved stomach cramping. Now that I'm over 80, and experience random and unexplained "gotcha" pains pretty much any place I have a body. So my question is… Is there such a thing as UN-growing pains… all these surprises I experience here on the far, far, far side of the "hill?"

  6. I’m 16 and I been to 3 doctors and 2 said it was growing pains. I have been living with this since I was 12 and honestly it sucks. What I have I would describe has if a truck ran over my hip and really my upper leg. It all started with my knee and it has gotten worse and worse, I’m actually in pain right now. I’m trying to find out what growing pains really are cause they weren’t explain to me.

  7. I'm glad my first reaction of "I thought nobody knew" when I clicked on the video turned out to be true. Well, obviously it would be better if we did know.

  8. My son gets very very mild malaise and he
    gets a non stop low grade fever for about 4-5 days. He had test done while actually been on pain and everything was normal every time. My mom says he is growing. This happens every 7-8 months.

  9. I remember when I was in like 5th and 6th grade every morning i would wake up for school i could not straighten my legs until like an hour after I woke up. My mom would always yell at me and act like I was playing around.

  10. I had deep bone aches in my legs or arms. I have had some in the last few years, but it responded to warmth, so I figured my arm or leg got too cold.

  11. No way it’s In anyone’s heads. I used to get them so bad as a kid I’d cry myself to sleep. If anyone out there is reading this and them or their kids suffer. Get some deep cold rub. It’s a miracle for growing pains

  12. I always had growing pains around bed time growing up and even now. I hate it so much. I've always wanted to know what it was. Thank you

  13. Ok, Growing pains are real….. oh my word they are real… I suffered terribly from them, sadly my children suffer too, but unlike my childhood we have more access to information. Mg, either drink or cream, and warmth really does take the pain away, but while growing, (growth spurts) increasing water, Zn, Mg and B groups, sounds like a no brainer but…. quite often we only realise our kids have grown or shot up when the shoes or height increases…. good luck and thank you for the vids, I love anatomy and really enjoy the efforts.

  14. I agree with the physiological explanation. I tend to get the same kind of burning, dull ache about a week before menstruation but only in my joints like, ankle, knee and hip and it's sometimes one side at a time or both. When I was a kid it included the shin area, but I haven't experienced it there since then.

  15. Growing pains felt like and reminded me of mini charley horses which I found was correlated to lack of potassium. The less potassium in the body for muscles the more cramp up. So I am curious if it’s also a potassium issue.


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