What California's Almond Farms Really Look Like | Originals | msnbc


California almond farming has come under much criticism in recent weeks for its intense water usage but long gone are the days of flooding fields with water.
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What California’s Almond Farms Really Look Like | Originals | msnbc

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  1. This is a gross misuse of resources. It's great to become more efficient with the use of water, but it's not okay to do all of this work to grow something that in fact is not necessary for society and only for personal profit. I'm sure there are better locations to grow almonds. It's okay to adapt your business and move onto something new.

  2. We got through the drought without government help. Now, they are going to regulate the ground water, even though the drought is over. So the threat now isn't from the sky, but from Sacramento.

  3. 2016 one of the wettest years.
    2019 is already a wet year.

    Look at all the comments 3 years ago predicting a dust bowl and how drought is the new normal. People can't predict the future. I'd take a pinch of salt with this global warming fear mongering

  4. Buy unpasteurized almonds if you can find them. The once powerhouse Almond has fallen to the middle middle of the pack in nut nutrition because 1 person got Salmonella. Now the Walnut is King.

  5. it's amazing they complain about not having water but I know it's major inconvenience but throughout the San Joaquin Valley they've gone from row crop vegetables to planting new crop almond Orchards on a daily basis for the last 8 years in California even knowing we have a water crisis

  6. Root Girdled trees are drought stressed, even without conditions of Drought! Felled trees from shuddered orchard revealed evidence that accepted planting methods may be one cause of drought stress to entire crop. Evidenced by root systems wrapping around trees main stem like a Tourniquet. Just above obstruction, trunk resembles fat man wearing a tight belt. Where Starches and sugars not getting down to root system get backed up.

  7. Great stuff! I was wondering why the cost was so high. One of my most favorite things in this world is Almond Butter, but I just can't buy it very often because of the price!

  8. Great information. The author of the book Beloved would say to make a person throw away some of their books, posters, and other valued seeds of information is like a water shortage of the mind.


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