What does a patient advocate do?


The position description reads something like this: Candidate must demonstrate excellent judgment, tact, sensitivity, tenacity, flexibility, dependability, credibility, confidentiality, and mediation and conflict-resolution skills.

Our 16 patient advocates have, on average, 45,000 patient interactions a year, says Chris Hernandez, executive director of Patient Services. They strive to meet all new patients, address complaints and grievances, and they are called on to facilitate patient and staff requests for assistance. Advocates also triage and respond to phone calls, emails and myMDAnderson notices. They’re available around the clock.

Since Patient Advocacy was created in 1985, advocates have been the go-to people for everything from mediating difficult conversations between physicians and patients (or caregivers) to tactfully reminding patients of hospital rules and regulations.

They handle more than 45,000 patient interactions a year, but our 16 patient advocates also are some of our best staff advocates.

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  1. I cannot even get a phone call returned from the patient care advocate of my husband and have left several messages with his advocate. What do you have to do to get a call returned?


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