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If you’re like me and you get painful indigestion + bloating either from chronic IBS or just from eating foods that disagree with you, check out how I do an elimination diet to give my gut a chance to heal, get rid of the bloating and pain, and even figure out what foods are causing the problems to begin with.

Elimination diets are supposed to be TEMPORARY, just long enough to let your gut heal. None of the foods I mentioned are “bad foods”, they are just foods that I have trouble with, but for you it may be completely different foods that give you digestive issues.

This is the one I use, but there are many good brands, do your own research before buying one!

This is the brand I use, but do your own research because there are many good brands out there:

Here’s what I use, but, again, do your own research:



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  1. Thank you for the video! I was vegetarian for a year and a half and I probably didn't do a great job, as I was eating a lot of meat replacements and wasn't getting all the nutrients I needed. Overtime I began to feel weaker and my parents wanted me to reintroduce meat into my diet. I've been eating meat for about 8/9 months but there are foods I need to avoid, such as fried foods, etc. although I am better than I was a few months ago, every now and again I experience these 'flair-ups' when I can't really eat anything without feeling nauseous and bloated. I've had a couple of those over the past few months and got better each time, but I'm currently going through another one and it's not easy. Btw I'm not saying that being a vegetarian is bad and caused these issues, but rather that not doing your research and not getting all the nutrients into your body will being vegetarian may not to beneficial in the long run

  2. Life really gets disturbed with this disease.My career has been affected. Also I lost so much muscles that i got back pain.Now after 3 years of struggling, it's in a little bit of control as I exercise regularly and restricted my diet heavily, but sometimes like once in a week I get diarrhoea and need to take some remosetron tablets.I didn't knew about the probiotics and enzyme part.I will try it after recommendations from doctors.
    Some doctors didn't say that I had IBS and then they told me to take unrestricted diet which really harmed me a lot.
    Stress might also be a factor ,I don't know …I was confused and so I started researching myself.

  3. I have IBS….it started when I used to hold stool till I go home cause at my work we were so busy…it wasn't worth this IBS 🥺

  4. This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "kefir ibs" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Mackorny Defeat IBS Blueprint – ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got amazing success with it

  5. I discovered your channel just today. I was feeling lost and misunderstood regarding my IBS. My doctor is a gastroenterologist but didn't seem to take my problem seriously. Episode of diareeha bloating and pain is miserable. In this scenario your videos seem like an understanding friend giving practical advice. Thankyou so much dear. I really appreciate you sharing your journey with IBS. A big problem is that most ingredients in your recepies like hemp or nut milks, berries, coconut suger and other stuff is not available in Pakistan.

  6. Idk if u guys eat small quantities like this or u r just trying to be cute on the videos. Because for me I need 5 plates of that for lunch. When I see u eating this much I feel like a monster 😂

  7. Hope this helps:
    Fruits should never be eaten with other foods. Melons should only be eaten with melons. One should wait at least 90 min to 2 hours before consuming regular food. Please Google the science/reason behind this. Ayurvedic food combining dos and don'ts may also be very helpful🙏

  8. I have IBS for many years after the diagnosis in my early 30 … I can't eat much my hubby and my kids will tell anyone I eat only one meal
    a day cause I have sarcoidosis for
    about 11 yrs … Its hard on me !

  9. Hello madam I’m 26 years old from Bhutan I’m having ibs Constipation every day my stomach is bloated,cramps ,abdominal pain ,mucus in stool ,loose stool.i did upper endoscopy and colonoscopy result is normal but I’m having gastric in stomach.later I knew that it’s all cause by anxiety ,depression and stress on stomach.i watched all ur video on YouTube I feel that u gonna help me.i want to try low food map diet for first weak plz help me …

  10. Doesn't the oatmeal make you more bloated if especially if you have IBS-C? I personally am sensitive to A LOT of food/ingredients… Literally because of this I lost about 50 lbs in a very short time… From around 170 lbs to around 120 lbs…

  11. I've been on the low fod map diet for a few weeks now, i'm feeling better but having trouble distinguishing if my stomach hurts bc of what I ate or if i'm hungry. thanks for all the info. I think i'm going to look into fasting.

  12. I have IBS I do green tea it helps the bloated away , strawberry and rasberry blueberry it help me organic help me some..but having a hard time eating some food. What shall I do?


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