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Just a quick explanation of a Cattle Guard and how it works and how it is used to keep cattle from leaving open gates. This is an example of making the “wrong answer” hard.

Also show a cow pushing on barbed wire as if it was nothing since a cow’s hide is think and they do not get cut as easy as a horse. Horse fencing will not normally keep cattle in but cattle fencing can do more damage to a horse. Something to consider if keeping cattle and horses together.

Someone sent me this link about a horse that broke it’s legs and got caught in a cattle guard. No one saw how it happened so unknown if the horse was chased, spooked or tried to cross it. Here is link:

Source: cuocdoidanghien.com

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  1. My dad and I went hunting and saw maybe 50 of these. We speculated perhaps they have an electric current involved. Guess not. Thanks

  2. During a meeting Obama Express concern for cattle guards, thinking they were human guards of cattle, and wanted to be certain they had the pay and benefits they deserved. Luckily I had already moved to Colorado from the city and I got the joke; close call that was. Giggle.

  3. My pals horses escaped as the cattle grid holes were filled to the brim with hardened mud . They ran right over it . Watch out for this folks ! 👍

  4. Thank you I'm live in Ottawa Canada n I've seen a cattle guard or knew what it was. I'm reading a book about ranchers n I couldn't figure out what it was n it was driving me crazy! Lol thank you for your explanation now it more sense what I'm reading!!!

  5. Cows don't usely try but that in ground cattle guard the cow can jump that small one now a above or longer one yeah they wouldn't get out or try.

  6. Good thing Hilary clinton didn't get in. Last time she ran things she told ranchers to fire their cattle guards! "Sorry, ma'am, we can't do that. they'd get despondent and feel hollow." BTW, Yellowstone had a buffalo bull who learned to tiptoe over cattle guards and help himself to the herd of yearling heifers. Sneaky old fart.

  7. That's probably the worst steel cattleguard I've ever seen. It has no strength because the underlying rails that hold the pipes are too wimpy to support much weight. Driving a loaded hay truck across that would destroy it. Out here in the west, we have to build 'em strong enough for semis and logging trucks. Many transportation departments have gone to painted lines on highway pavement. In areas where there is seldom any stock, the painted lines work just fine. And by the way, I've never seen any animal ever stuck in a cattleguard. They test it with their feet and it's unstable enough for them that they don't even try to put weight on it.

  8. What if a horse perhaps gets caught in a cattleguard, if they don't get their self out easily and struggle, can it be life threatening, or is it easy to get out of?

  9. Horses definitely get hurt & have to be killed or put down- I don't run cattle so I can't say from first hand experience, but cattle is money & if it hurt cattle I don't think people would use them since they would lose money. I think more psychological, I have heard some rancher fake the cattle out once they learn not cross them, they paint lines on the round to look like them and the cattle wont cross the lines. if you put the pipe close the hoof can't go through so just scary & no footing.

  10. sorry for my ignorance, im a cattle rancher in south america and this guard system seems like an interesting device, but i was wondering if the cattle get hurt if they get caught in this device? thanks for answering

  11. Hey there I'm from Australia we call them grids I live on over 183.000 acer we have several grids on our main road

  12. I have loads of these where I live in cornwall England. I live near moorland with lots of sheep and moorland ponies. Horses and ponies are often killed by cattle grids 🙁 Only recently one of the moorland ponies was spooked and ran into one.

  13. We have 1000's of these in England, they work really well. But i's heart breaking to see calves or lambs with their legs broken stuck in them because they havn't got the experience of them like their perants and just try running threw.

  14. This made me think of branding.. On cattle you really have to push and hold the iron on to brand their hide.. Yet horses have such tender hide in comparison .. Just waiting on Buddy got caught on a thumb tack.. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the vid, I don't live in cattle country so have never seen one of these, but at least now I do.

  16. We have those Texas gates all over the place here in Alberta. But that's because we're cattle country. Stupid Cow 😉

  17. Hiya Rick. If anyone is visiting the U.k. (Scotland, England, Ireland ,Wales), they will see cattle guards out in the countryside too, used by the various farming communities. Thanks, Happy Easter .


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