What is eHealth?


In 1997, eHealth was founded as a way to help solve America’s uninsured problem.

Today, we’re America’s largest private online marketplace for individual, family, small business and Medicare insurance products.

We’ve helped over 5 million people get insured.

So why should you buy coverage from eHealth?

#1. Best Price – Health Insurance prices are fixed by law, so you won’t find a better price for the same product, no matter where you buy

#2 – Largest Selection – We have the largest selection of health insurance products in the country

#3 – Free Service & Support – Our service is 100% free to you, so we know that if you’re not happy with us, you’ll buy somewhere else. We maintain an A+ Service Rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we three U.S.-based customer care teams spread out across the country to support you if you ever have issues with or questions about your coverage.

From individuals to small businesses, Obamacare to Medicare, we want to be your coverage champion, for life.

Source: cuocdoidanghien.com

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