What Is The Best Recording Software For Rappers? (Pro Tools, Logic, Fruity Loops?)



It really doesn’t matter which software you use… It’s all preference.
I used to think that having pro tools would instantly make me better somehow… really… it didn’t matter at all.

You are recording yourself and that is what matters.

What software are you most comfortable using? That is what I am going to tell you to use.

Having pro tools won’t make it sound any better.
Think about it.

Whatever you are using to record and put that sound into the computer is still going to sound like it does going into any software.

It’s really that simple.

Dont hold yourself back by thinking that you need a better software. And if you truly believe you do… then go buy cheap pro tools for $99

Now.. where it will matter is when it comes down to being able to transfer a session to someone else to get it mixed.

If you’re using a low end software and oyu want to send it off to a bigger engineer to get it mixed than you have to make sure that they use that software.

You can’t save a session in Cubase and expect to send it to an engineer who isn’t familiar with Cubase.

On the other end though you can still send your session to them but you will have to track out each and every part of the song and then send it to them where they will have to re align it in their software. But that’s just super annoying lol

I have OLD songs from like 2008 that I reprinted and brought into Pro Tools, it was tedious and annoying but I was capable of doing it

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  2. been watching for years man, always love the intro to this channel!! My name is AJ From Las vegas, been making music for 8 years, about to purches your training to further my music mind, good lookin bro!

  3. I have presonus studio One-3, I'm still lost trying to tune my voice recording on it. Should I try another software like you are advising? 😬😬

  4. Hey guys,

    I already have a friend who makes beats for me and we kinda work togheter,
    but i was wondering is the $99 Fl studio pack enough if you just want to record your songs and edit them a little bit. Because in the pack it says No audio clips and no audio recording what does that mean?

  5. Hold up.. is that a will Smith cd bottom shelf to the right? With that gettin' jiggy wit it? That shit slap😂

  6. Thanks dude! Really made me think I don't need all that stuff that my head says I need. I just need to be comfortable in and of what I've got 💯

  7. Hi i working with cubase
    Cubase is very heavy and slow
    Which program is soft and good for me .
    I'm dj . I make podcast music and remix .

    Thanks for channel


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