What pisses me off about NYC's real estate bubble & the city council.


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  1. I'm starting to think that your true calling, and I know how insane this sounds, isn't actually board repair.

    Or maybe you're just continuing to grow as an individual like we all should strive to but so often fail at by choosing to remain mediocre. cough Eli cough

    If you ever bother to run for a public office I would bother to vote. No judgement if you prefer not to run (I wouldn't want to, either, because either you work your ass off thanklessly to fix everyone else's mess or you're a politician).

  2. not saying these are reasonable requirements, but it seems they do it because manhatten is an in demand prime location for business, hence the belief that they will get the money they want.

  3. If they really cared about small businesses, they would never impose any law upon a business that doesnt stop the consumer from being harmed in some way. Furthermore, they would not set up pay walls for running a business and would not allow the gate of entry to be controlled by the few powerful people in banking and real estate.

  4. This is how our monetary system works. Let's say I hire you as a plummer to fix my toilet. I write you a check to pay you. There's no real money or gold in the bank to cover the check. But I convince you that check has value. You take my check and put it in the bank. You write a check to your grocer in the amount of that check or less to pay for your groceries. The grocer writes a check in the amount of the check you have him to buy inventory. And the cycle goes on… When we went off the gold standard, the price of gold fluctuated. It no longer became a hedge against inflation. If you bought gold when it was approaching $2000/oz, you lost money at today's prices. If you could buy a car with 5oz of gold at that time, now it takes almost 10oz of gold.

  5. I escaped from NYS 54 years ago. Never regretted my decision, never looked back. NYS & NYC do not honor the Constitution of the United States of America (NYC especially the 2nd Amendment). They are their own socialist country and city.

  6. You have the right to a “Jury Trial” on any fine over $20. Go to trial on these fines. Everyone needs to do this.

  7. NYC citizens are so “woke”. Lol. Ask the government to do everything but do everything to avoid paying taxes. Cash and trade is the thing. Lol. Stop asking the government to do anything!!!

  8. ~50% of realtors are down on their luck, delusional looser, mostly divorced soccer moms, who were not necessarily bad people at the beginning but then bought into this dream of getting rich from home with no work and by now completely swallowed by the system
    ~45% of realtors are opportunistic scumbags by birth, and they openly enjoy scamming people and never gave a damn about it
    ~5% are professional enough to hide their scumbag nature so they appear like honest business folks, at least at first sight

  9. Your biggest problem? Living in NY. Unless you are filthy rich or dirt poor, it isn’t worth it. Move to Jersey or Phily if you want to stay on the east coast.

  10. You just discovered 'fiat money' and 'crone capitalism'. Good for you. Now you have two choices: Use them to get rich in N.Y. or go into politics.

  11. You failed to mention the real reason. It's because cdo's have been issued on these buildings based on the b.s. market rate. Realizing reality would be 2008 all over again. If the fed had guts and raised rates it will force banks to reveal the fraud ie. Bankruptcy…

  12. The problem: consolidated wealth.
    Solution: Get rid of cheap money, low interest rates is the hedge funds and property managers tool to consolidate wealth and power

  13. The very same happens here around Mexico City — lots of places asking big money for rent and remaining vacant for long periods. Also, we see lots of projects/buildings being constructed along major avenues, when the local economy is not quite bouyant (it grew just 0.2%!) nor demanding more office space. Someone is taking out their cash and playing monopoly, Mexican edition.

  14. Sounds like something Oldham council would do a small town in the UK, they've drove so many small businesseses out of the town due to high business taxes

  15. So, what stops them from renting a place for 55.000$ a month but:
    Every month exept January and December you get free rent?
    Rent (and building) still would be worth the same, technically.

    Rampt it up to 110.000$ a month but everything exept January is a bonus. Do i get a rise Ms. Bank?

    How is that different from what happend in 2007?

  16. well but u are in USA you are free, not like other countries in the world where you are a slave, but at least we dont have to put up with stupid shit like you free ppl of this world have to =D

  17. Local government doesn't do shit and they can't do anything, not really anyways. Too much bureaucracy and someone is always gonna complain as a result of the change, so they don't bother to change anything.

  18. ugh, properties, rents are sky rocketing across the the globe dude, accept that boomers had it better and we are in hell

  19. None of that sounded like tin foil hat stuff to me. Businesses are greedy by nature therefore they will do anything to sustain themselves without care for anyone or anything else. Seems like par for the course.

  20. FDIC will take control of the Bank if the bank is holding too much real estate ratio wise to the loans.  So if you go in at the right time you can buy the bank holdings of Real Estate for a direct trade for a loan in order to not be taken over by the FDIC.  Maybe Rossmann Group can buy a building instead of renting from someone else.  May be you could rent to complementary business that will increase your own business.

  21. So basically all the banks are over-leveraged on properties that are overvalued.
    That's in addition to the extremely predatory nature of the bloated city council.
    Thank you for exposing their Mafia style extortion racket.

  22. What if the building already has a permitted sign and is the type that you can slide out the front plexiglass and change the wording and put the plexiglass back in the sign frame. Do you have to get a new permit for the sign?

  23. This is what happens when government gets involved in so many things they have no business being involved in. Wonder what political party has had control over NYC for ages?

  24. So everyone in those areas needs to leave so they actually figure out different ways to make those places small businesses/housing/ etc happy


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