What you Need to Remember for Mountain Biking


When adapting mountain biking as your hobby, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not like mountain climbing or trekking. The discipline needed to ride a mountain bike is very different which is why you need to first prepare yourself for the task.

A good way to start preparation is by becoming adept at riding the bike and using it on paved trails or roads first. From there, you can try working through rough roads before tackling forest trails. Once you’ve gotten used to the system, you can try to ride your mtb at higher altitudes.

How can you choose a bike?
Note that the bike use for mountains is very different from the usual bike. This one will have to be very durable considering that it will be regularly used on very rough roads and uphill trails. Typically, you can’t go wrong with a branded mountain bike, especially if the name has received good reviews from many buyers. Some of the concerns you need to consider include suspension, the frame, brakes, wheels, and the comfort of the saddle. Note that these parts can be changed or upgraded. Should you find yourself unhappy with one part, there’s always the chance of choosing something better for a more enjoyable ride.

Is there a special gear?
Those who are used to riding mountain bikes even on easy trails will know how important the correct gear is. Keep in mind that biking requires very good body coordination and controlled movement. Hence, the need for something comfortable that also offers maximum movement is crucial. Protective gear such as a helmet and pads are also a must, especially if you like mountain biking downhill.

What other concerns are there?
Water is one of the most important items you need to bring with you when biking. Most bikes come with a container and holder that make it easy to lug your water around wherever you. A first aid kit is also a must, especially if you’re biking alone or taking a particularly challenging trail. Those who love to go riding from dawn to dusk should also invest in good bike lights to help them see trails.

Mountain Biking Extreme
For those who like to ride their mountain bike downhill or go to the extreme with this activity, there are currently lots of places to go to. If you’re lucky, you should be able to find something near your area. If not, it’s easy enough to pack up your mountain bike and go for a few hours’ drive to specific ideal destinations. Note that when it comes to extreme and downhill mountain bike riding, it’s usually a good idea to have a “bike buddy” with you.

Although it might seem as though uphill and downhill mountain biking requires too much work, it’s still worth it. As many extreme mountain biking pros will say, the experience is very meditative and allows anyone to let off some steam after spending day after day in the office. It’s also a great way to start losing weight and it helps a person stay physically fit.

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  1. For those who'd like a full rundown:
    Videographer: Aaron Laroque, Victoria/B.C./Canada
    Shoot location: Vancouver Island/B.C./Canada
    MtB: 2010 Rocky Mountain Altitude 90 RSL, MSRP $7,000.00
    Cyclist: Strahan Loken, Victoria/B.C./Canada
    Soundtrack: "Surround" performed by Halifax/Nova Scotia/Canadian
    indie band In-Flight Safety, from their 2006 debut album "The Coast is Clear"

  2. Nicely done video. To the newbies I'd also like to add is to bring some repair parts like a repair chain link and tool and tire patches. If you go DEEP in the woods learn some basic medical and bushcraft skills and bring the supplies for both in a medium backpack. Bring plenty of water, some food, and a way to sanitize more water if needed even if it is to boil it in a campfire in a metal container. A decent size tarp can make a wonderful shelter with a waterproof floor for when u take a break.

  3. I loved the video. I think it would attract more views if you changed the title to something different. Great video


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