When Your Local Naples Pizza Joint is Da Michele


Naples Pizza is on the menu as Daryl and Mindi visit their local pizza joint, Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples, Italy. This is the same pizza parlor visited by Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love and has some of the best pizza in the world.
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  1. You guys know your stuff. Brandi is indeed the birthplace of the pizza. Brandi's pizza also has more basil on it, at least from what I remember in 2005.

  2. We LOVED the pizza in Naples! (We visited the Mystic Pizza that Julia Roberts worked in for the movie that is in Connecticut!)

  3. What a nice couple you are and what a beautiful video!☺
    Me, my wife and our son are going to travel at Rome and Napoli after Christmas and we can't wait to taste that pizza at Da Michele😀✌️

  4. another brainwashing from Italy …the Margherita pizza was way before the Queen of italy…it was created during the bourbon kingdom. .BTW napoli is not part of italy. ..we are partenope not italians

  5. Looks delicious! Even better to know the story behind it and how to eat it. Very different (aka BETTER) than cheese-drenched, mass produced American ones!

  6. Dang, that pizza looks good. i didn't know the history of margarita pizza, pretty interesting. i like how you tell the story and show the images.

  7. i walked up some parts in naples and i was so sore afterwards, after day of walking around i had no trouble downing a pizza from scratch there

  8. That pizza looks so delicious!!Loved all the historical information you gave about the margarita Pizza.Now I'm thinking that I should have eaten before watching this. Hahaha you definitely made me hungry!Great video guys!

  9. Ooooh I didn't know that pizza place is in Naples! I visited the city when I was 15 – I guess it's time to go back!

  10. You are lucky to have such a great pizza joint right on your doorstep. looks so delicious

  11. we were in Naples for only a split second, but when we were in Italy it was amazing to see how many pizzerias there were, and how tasty they are! your videos make us miss Italy! and great lesson not to trash a place unless you've tried it! that was cool that they use an actual wood burning fire.

  12. That's incredible that they've been open that long and are still selling unbelievable pizza! I'll be checking this out when I get back to Naples!

  13. The pizza looks tempting. Nice it is near your apartment. We will be heading to Italy in September

  14. Best pizza place in the world you say? Well now I must go! Crowds usually mean something is good about it. I am glad you two gave it a shot and tried it out. ooo fried pizza too. Let me go get something to eat because now I am hungry.

  15. oh god! you guys always make me hungry :))))) I love this kind of pizza. It looks simple but it is tasty. I am glad that we are going to Italy in 3 weeks 🙂

  16. Love the look of that Pizza, so simple and fresh yet so many Pizzas are so bad. This area is so interesting, we have to visit before Vesuvius goes off again.

  17. What an amazing local joint! You've talked me into renting an apartment in Napoli for a month. Another fun, engaging vid, you two. Bravo!


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