WHICH VERSION? Windows 10 Home vs. Pro vs. Education Comparison


Which Windows 10 version do you truly need? It turns out the versions aren’t all that different – IF you’re not running a business.

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  1. I am using Windows 10 Education version 1909. I am complete at a loss because Spotlight is just…gone. It's disabled, not listed under lock screen options, and there is an obscene message telling me some settings are controlled by my organization. I am not affiliated with any organization, my PC is completely independent and I am the admin. What is going on here? Can any Windows 10 experts/Education users chime in please? I want Spotlight back and I want it now. This is absurd!

  2. you seemed to have missed the bit where pro gives you some actual control over updates that home does not. at all. which is VERY important to anyone above a basic user… and even then.

  3. Hey there, I would appreciate if you can compare WINDOWS 10 PRO and WINDOWS 10 PRO EDUCATION. I recently met with a technician and he had installed windows 10 pro education in my laptop, earlier it was on 10 pro. So far the main difference I have observed is in the startup where 10 pro loaded windows faster.

  4. You can't enable Hyper-V in the BIOS… The Intel/AMD virtualization you enabled in the BIOS is a very different thing.

  5. Personally, I couldn't give a toss so long as one of the versions work………………………………………….lol

  6. Why no bitlocker? From what I understand it's FIPS 140-2 certified and keeps you from having to acquire a third party software to do the same thing

  7. I play online games and this happens. driver irql not less or equal (dxgmms2.sys) How do I fix it?
    Ryzen 5 1600 motherboard B350 ram 12gb vga rx580. windows 10 pro. Please help me.

  8. Does we connect window 10 home to domain or not. Please anybody reply .. its very necessary… also send their mobile number. So that you can help me…

  9. I am a student and therefore i could get Windows Education for free however i am unsure whether i take that or pay for pro. What would you do?

  10. Hello my bro my question for you which is the version wendows10 supported nvidia gtx 1060 may lap top have wendows 10 pro but does not supported definition nvidia screen cart pleases help me ??

  11. Thanks for making it short and simple. All other 'which version' videos were horribly extended, boring and poorly executed.

    At first I clicked away, but for once someone really deserved it. So I came back – liked, commented and subscribed.


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