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I went driving for dollars and found a property to start mailing with the DealMachine App. I had a team meeting to go over everyone’s role and how it affects the company and you Francis and I check out the property we recently go under contract.

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  1. Hello, me and my buddy just started wholesaling and we are visiting a motivated sellers house tomorrow afternoon. Can anyone with experience let me know exactly how the contract and equitable interest process goes? This is the first motivated seller we will be meeting with and would like to do this the right way. Thanks. – Ryan

  2. I had to subscribe!!!!! I just started this journey In wholesaling. And you just made this soooooooo simple. So many ppl over complicate things (mainly real estate and stocks) and it makes you wonder, are they over complicating it because they don’t want to share the wealth???😂😂 Anywho, thanks a million.

  3. Im way late to the issue,

    but the reason some people cant hear it without headphones is because whatever phone thats being used is only able to be in mono sound, at the time of recording this whatever camera or sound equipment used was or might have been in stereo or seperated by stereo . (left and right ears) so if your phone only has one speaker or both speakers but your phone plays mono, you will hear the middle of the seperated stereo in which it was recording in ( which is basically nothing , reasoning for the ghosty sound).

    Basically , if you unplug your headphone jack halfway while listening to music, the sound would switch to mono but you would hear like, the inside of the beat…

    ah screw it. I engineer music so its kind of hard to explain it simple lol hope this somewhat helps. ( use headphones if you cant hear anything the sound is fine )

  4. Thank you for having this conversation on this platform and creating this video🙏🙏 You are going to help SOOO many people💪💪

  5. This is definitely great information I got inspired to do real estate or even wholesale real estate I'm watching a good amount of videos getting in sight. Is it a must to have a car?? Or people can take buses and cans etc however they can get there?? I am definitely trying to do as much as I can since I am young and other than college and running a few businesses I have to abroad my horizons……

    I am definitely about to watch more of your videos

  6. Max you're god sent. You made this wholesaling thing seems so easy. I imagine it's really that easy. Im gonna find out because I'm all in. Im gonna study, study and then study some more. Then im gonna give it a shot.
    Big respect Max!!

  7. I’m just getting started but I’ve never felt this much inspiration for any other career.

    You’re the man, Max!

  8. This is a great video Max, I really appreciate the free knowledge and actionable insight. If you don't mind a little constructive criticism in regards to your management style, I would like to say a thing or two. I have worked at some of the top tech companies in the world, as well as some government agencies, and publicly traded companies on the NYSE. I've been a manager and I've been managed.

    At times in your meeting, it felt as if you were talking down to your staff and perhaps using threatening language a little bit. The two key examples were "we are going to meet every Tuesday at 9, so get it in your brain" and "if you do not know Podio to the fullest, you are going to get a warning." Anyways, I suggest being mindful of the language you use when speaking to your employees, as it can be demoralizing to hear things like this. It reminds me of how our Staff NCO's would speak to us in the Marine Corps.

    Again, very grateful for the video and I have become a new subscriber, I just wanted to point a few things out that I have picked out over a long career in many different sectors. Hope it didn't come across as disrespectful. Cheers, Will


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