Why I DON'T like Cheap Amazon.com Essential oils (ART NATURALS)


Cheap Amazon.com Essential Oils and Art Naturals and why I am not a fan of these oils, I’ve been asked about this company 100 plus times!! Here is how I feel!
This is the set I Reviewed its the 16 oil set for $26ish

Affordable Companies I love……..
Healthy Traditions, Free shipping for new customers FS10 coupon code

Simple Earth- $50 free giftcard with a $39 monthly subscription Box Code Healingcavefreediff

Plant Therapy

I use Affiliate links when possible to help fund my channel, I am always going to give you all my honest opinion and help find you the most affordable way to find the best products. I would want other to do the same for me! :o)

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  1. We love art naturals as a business and our customers like them too however there customer service has disappeared. No one answers the phone anymore……

  2. If you Don't want them, send them to Me! Im not picky and I love this brand, essential Oil are good up to 4 years, just so you Know.

  3. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best essential oil diffuser scafe.shop/tbeod2019?6c hope it helps you out too!"

  4. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best essential oils scafe.shop/tbeo2019?8k hope it helps you out too!"

  5. I'm looking for the best frankincense oil for my air diffuser

    Please help me find the right one.
    I'm looking for a good quality and affordable can you please recommend 1

  6. I guess everyone has different personal preferences on natural essential oils but fair enough! I would say my shopping online experience, is read reviews first before purchasing an item online and if their is a shop in where you live (try first before considering into buying the actual product), that way you can feel, touch and smell the actual products and seeing what the product looks like in person rather than online. Everyone has a different shopping experience and I don't expect everyone to do the same way like how I do.

  7. She admits in the video that she doesn't try all of the oils. How many did she actually try? The one she opened in the video was never tested because you could hear the lid "pop"as she opened it showing it was still sealed. If she is going to review a product, she should try it.

  8. i love Art-naturals. Hopefully you give them another shot and get something that is not old! I am sure there are better ones out there but for the price i haven't found any. I am going to check out your links too

  9. My understanding is that it important to buy Organic, so you are not breathing in pesticides. Check out Dr Josh Axe on Essential Oils.

  10. woolzies is my fav brand
    i tried art naturals and its ok but once you've had top tier you can tell when there lower quality

  11. I bought Blood Orange from Simply Earth and I wasn't impressed. It was not as strong as you say it was. I was really bummed. I will try florihanna next. Any suggestions…


  12. I ordered a peppermint from artnatruals and it is horrible. It smells like pure alcohol and over whelming. I love plant therapy and edens garden. They have wonderful oils.

  13. My husband bought me a set for Christmas even though I had asked for Edens Garden oils. However, I am surprised at how strong these are and I like how they all smell! He bought the Top 8 essential oils pack. Her review was done over a year ago so maybe they worked on their product? Idk it’s hard to trust most of these companies, especially when the products are so inexpensive.

  14. I received ArtNatural oils as a Christmas present. I am not super experienced with essential oils but many of them just didn't smell (good) like I thought they should. So I appreciate you doing this video. It confirms my thoughts to hear an expert say the same thing about these oils…unfortunately, as you also state.


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