Why NOW is THE BEST TIME to PLAY Competitive FORTNITE – PRO Tips and Tricks to Improve


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  1. I think if you could restart arena and so that it’ll go straight from champions division that it’ll go to 0 points, Fortnite would be much better

  2. Fornite is special in the fact that You can get Money by grinding it rewards the players grind while other Games like Overwatch. COD. CSGO don’t do anything

  3. Honestly if you have 0 ping or a 2080 ti anybody can become a pro with that so ima try to invest in that PC I got 0 ping alr I live in ny so

  4. The former fortnite pros will stand no chance In valorant pro scene. It will be dominated by cs pros who have been playing for 10 years

  5. I need a duo partner for daily duo cash cup on console I get around 80+ points after 10 games if you get the same or more then send me a friend req psn:oskar7787

  6. Bro I saw your how to improve video and bro I’d love to play arenas with you man be your duo or whatever yk if you down dm me on my insta tristyn_green

  7. Wdym this is the best time, Fortnite doesnt even communicate with the community and doesnt do anything about controller. Also the servers are lagging and constantly freezing

  8. Idk about that less popular…2nd theres no such things as pro in fornite i play same tournaments they do so dose that make me a pro hahahah seriously theres no pros in less u get drafted to a team and its only exclusive tournaments for them then theres pros…i cant just go play nfl football i have to get drafted to a team …stop saying pros its so wrong

  9. yooo speed, i have some "psychological" issues:
    so i hardly ever tilt and i never blame rng or such things but when i die im always dissapointed in myself
    my first game of the day is always the best because im motivated and i think i can win but when it goes wrong once i can't do anything
    i need a video on this 🙁

  10. Epic Games: Jarvis you are unbanned
    Jarvis: Nuh I’m good I’ll play Valorant
    Epic Games: Ok then You are Ban for life again
    Jarvis:ok I don’t care I’ll be pro at Valorant
    Valorant: Jarvis Can’t play our game do to his past acts in Fortnite.
    Jarvis: Ask Epic Games can I play
    Epic Games: Nuh We good we don’t need no hackers
    JARVIS: SuaSide

  11. I think the game is getting worse as time goes on personally expesilly for use console players. After all all we do is go against pc players who don't move from there chair.

  12. Who liked the trio loot pool the most in my opinion they had alot of rng and alot of skill required to do well give me your opinion.

  13. I Know this is the perfect time to play comp if I would of never quit fn I would be a lot of farther off than I am right now!

  14. Guys being a comp fortnite player withno earnings is so stressful, i respect all you guys who grind hard. My arm sores from playing fn daily for 8-10 hours.. watch yourselfs yall and keep grinding🤟

  15. The problem for me is i play competitive on mobile, so there is not any players playing valorant and not practicing fortnite. So i dont even have the good chance right now, also i used to place in alot of cash cups for mobile but i no longer can, because i have just became washed.

  16. Bro I play on exponential and I thought everyone was overhyping the aim assist but I tried linear for fun and the “aim assist” basically aims for you on linear it’s crazy. I really enjoy fortnite rn tho


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