Why Top Realtor Left Franchise To Join 100% Commission Real Estate Broker


Learn About Brookstone Realtors 100% Commission Real Estate:

Why Top Realtor Left Franchise To Join 100% Commission Real Estate Broker. In this video, I interview a top producing real estate agent here in Michigan who shares his experience at large franchise companies like Keller Williams Realty and Remax. He then will share why he decided to to join Brookstone Realtors, a 100% commission brokerage here in Michigan. 100% commission real estate brokerages are becoming more popular as the real estate market continues to shift. Some believe traditional real estate companies where the agents split their commission will become obsolete in the future.


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Learn About Brookstone Realtors 100% Commission Real Estate:

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  1. Awespme value in this video! Piggybacking on this topic… could you also do one on the typical splits that are out there and what to expect for it both at the individual and team avenue. I can't join your brokeragr since Im out of state

  2. Did you ever get a chance to read The Slight Edge recommended by Ricky? I read it and wow, great book. I’m applying the Slight Edge everyday now. Learning about the RE game.

  3. If you want to learn more about Brookstone & 100% commission, check out our website: https://joinbrookstonerealtors.com/


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