Why We Love Food Wars! – Shokugeki no Soma's Recipe for Success


Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma is one of the most exciting shounen anime currently airing… but what’s the secret ingredient that makes this cooking show so enticing? Let’s find out.
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  1. quick note for a discrepancy at the beginning: soma was in the top 3 at the time of writing this video, but between then and the time of editing it shifted to 4th when a new boruto episode aired.

    Also, Megumi is best girl, fuck you, fight me.

  2. Alice is best girl for me (probably even in my top 3 out of all anime I've seen). She is just a collection of things I personally like. She is a science nerd (kind of), very confident, can be very cute at times and rocks that white hair and red eyes look that I just fall for every time.

  3. "Soma is a line cook at a hole in the wall diner" – I couldn't agree more, but don't consider that a negative.
    If you are an adventurous eater and are willing to explore, you know that some of the most incredible meals are found in hole in the wall places, sometimes down an alley, or in a shopping plaza.

  4. Wait, you implied that Aldini was an elitist chef from an elitist restaurant, but he actually comes from a similar place as Soma; a food place that serves the masses

  5. One thing nobody mentioned yet:

    The music of this series is literally perfect. It accompanies it so well that, eventhough you hear the soundtrack multiple times during the shokugekis, it never gets even remotely boring. For me it's the opposite: I always look forward to the fighting theme (the one that was played in the background in this video as well).
    I don't think much budget went into the music but the outcome is exceptional.

    Also I love each and every opening, I can literally sing every single OP on the spot.
    And the debate about the best OP is basically as intense as the debate about the best girl.

    Shokugeki no Soma is one of my all time favourite anime period.

  6. Here to remind myself what I love about Shokugeki no Soma. The latest season is disappointing, it just seems to be missing something. I think you're right about the prep strategy. With the new season jumping from shokugeki to shokugeki it doesn't have the same build up or clever ideas of other seasons. You only really see it's strengths once or twice (Takumi vs Eizan for example).

  7. I’m watching food wars and it just the girls when they eat food the anime is good I have a lot of evident to support it so if you want to fight me do it

  8. I am a 50yr old granny watching Food Wars. I came across it late one night and was hooked, why, I do not know, I’m just drawn to it;-) When my sons were younger I caught some episodes of Dragonball Z, and my son got me watching One Punch Man. I feel like I’m open to more, if anybody have suggestions;-)

  9. Megumin reminds me of myself when i first started culinary arts. Super nervous to not screw up, but knows a few meals that are yummy.

  10. 5:04 are you fucking kidding with me!? That show is some of the worst garbidge i've ever wasted my time watching. All it is is just some teenager showing their clevage and killing zombies. It sounds awesome but if you're gonna do some shit like that you need to go all out. Not confuse the audience on what the show is by depicting a serious death sceen only to pair it upp with laughter about killing zombies seconds later…

    Ok i need to take a breather. Mabey you where kidding i should have thought of that before but my point stands. I do not like highschool of the dead

  11. Really shame how the series went down really fast in certain arc about two brothers. There's no cooking anymore and strange abilities starting to manifest. Truly shame but earlier episodes really are great

  12. I think this anime has some of the best characters. Specifically Souma. I really like comedy ecchi anime with a protagonist who is funny and also a smartass, yet really talented at his/her main skill and knows it very well. No doubt, this is one of the funniest anime I've actually seen

  13. I didn't think I would like Food Wars… but Souma won me over, just like Hinata from haikyuu did. Also, Erina is best girl.

  14. This is the sexiest I’ve seen in a while. And when I mean sexy I’m not just talking about the girls I’m talking about the FOOD. My mouth waters everytime

    PS Alice Nakiri is best girl out of an anime full of best girls

  15. Way late commenting, but legit this show helps me deal with my eating disorder. I associate food and kitchens with incredible anxiety, and combine that with my own food intake being one of the few areas of my life I can consistently have control over… it makes a bad combination. Despite this, when I'm in anything but one of my VERY worst spots watching a few new episodes of Shokugeki no Soma sends me from avoiding my own microwave to being full and hype to actually be empty-stomached enough to make another meal or eat another snack and enjoy more flavors (even if all of those were also instant or made in the microwave). Shokugeki no Soma can bring me from "C'mon, legs are getting shaky. I don't want to end up in the hospital for not eating a goddamn hamburger…" to "Do I have any more chicken alfredo in the freezer? I really want something creamy now!" And all that's without even bringing up the bouncy, fun OP and ending of the first season that always manage to lighten my mood.

    Another point in Shokugeki's favor, it's near equal-target orgasmic food reactions regularly get a laugh from me and I never feel less like a person after watching like three episodes in a row. Yay not dehumanizing! Really just SEEING fanservice that's not disrespectful, has a sense of humor, and targets both attractive and unattractive girls AND guys on a regular basis (okay maybe less so with a large number of unattractive women but I'm really not going to be picky here) what's not to enjoy? So… yeah. I adore this show for a lot of reasons including the appetite-enhancing (even downright creating) food porn, actual fanservice, and enjoyable characters including the undisputed BEST GIRL who is in fact Megumi. 10/10, deserves that Top 4 spot

  16. To me megumi is the best girl compare to nakiri because megumi and soma always help each other with their problems meanwhile nakiri is just like fuck off soma from season 1until season 3.

    Soooo yeah megumi is the best girl!


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