Xbox Update | April 2020


Days are getting longer and summer is on it’s way… it’s time for our April Xbox Update!

In this video we run through all of the big releases, Xbox Game Pass additions, Games with Gold and important information that you just NEED to know!

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  1. Dear Xbox

    If you can please make keyboard and mouse support to Doom eternal yesterday my Xbox controller stopped working and am worried not playing the game and not really towards to buy a new one i hope you read this message 🎮💚

  2. i just wanna knwo when there will be nethernite update for minecraft cuz my comp cant rum that beta version we got

  3. Well I don't have to do GCSE'S now so oh well time to go through The other Resident Evil games to get ready for the new one 😍😍😍

  4. Xbox support for ROMANIA please! I am a fan of Xbox but I don’t like that I have to enrol on Spain and put some not valid address to pay for a game. Then you install “call of duty” and is in Spanish, not English…bad experience…

  5. Either Activision is stupid for not including a remastered multiplayer…or they think were atupid enough to not expect a multiplayer so they can "surprise us" with one down the road when the new MW has died down

  6. She says 'meta' when I think she means abstract which I call rumbo as a behaviour because it's like the personalities of Columbo and Rambo have been copied by a lunatic into one.


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