Yahara Materials Love Their Maintainer Service Trucks


Yahara Materials of Waunakee, Wisconsin (north of Madison) showed off their Maintainer Service Trucks. Fleet Supervisor Greg Frisch tells how these Maintainer trucks make their job much easier!

In this video you see a 1-ton body with Maintainer H6520 short-tower crane as well as a 2-ton body with Maintainer H10025 short-tower crane. The larger unit also features the EnPak power system.

0:15 Greg Frisch introduces the company
0:27 Greg describes the fleet that needs to be serviced
0:38 Greg describes the types of lifts required
1:12 Greg talks about how the crane will extend his longevity
1:21 Greg loves the heavy-duty box and Pressurized Storage System
1:32 The truck was designed to their needs
1:43 Greg loves the DuaLock drawers and the compartment layout

Maintainer – Crafting A Legacy of Premium Truck Bodies

Source: cuocdoidanghien.com

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