Yamaha YFZ450R Track Test – ATV Racing Dominance!


AJ puts some air under the tires of the YFZ450R at Yamaha’s test track in Chatsworth, Ontario, then sits down with Joel Basaraba to get some insight into how the Yamaha YFZ450R sport ATV has maintained race dominance over the years and what makes the Yamaha sport ATV lineup so successful.

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    🏁🏁🏁the amazig race🏎️🏎️🏎️
    0:50 🔥💗💙

  2. and this is because no one else builds a new 450 atv. Not really news. Yamaha has a history of doing this. we live in the times of the 90s again when everyone pulled out of the sport…you built your own quad then and put the color plastics you want it on it and called it whatever you wanted.

  3. One of the reasons why I'm a yamaha man is not just because the proof is in the pudding with their performance vehicles but also because they push the envelope. Not only do the innovate and evolve the industry as a whole but they keep old dreams alive with their two stroke bikes and sport/trail atvs. Nowadays most company's just kill older technologies and bikes that fit certain niches to appeal to younger generations or whatever. Yamaha has never really done that.

  4. I love my YFZ!!! I got the 2019 YFZ450R SE… just seein that Red Beauty sitin there in my car port and knowin i have the keys in my hand brings a smile to my face!

  5. I love the Yamaha name my first quad was a 350 warrior then a 660 raptor then I stared racing in 2009 with a 450R iv always had fun on a Yamaha but in saying that now that im older and moved more to the 4×4 side of things I wish Yamaha would come out with a big 4×4 30inch tire rad relocate and like 80or90 hp

  6. We want to hear more from these people at Yamaha! Great guys with a great message…this kind of stuff endears enthusiasts to specific brands.

  7. Does anyone even make sports quads anymore? I had a scrambler 90 as a kid, 2 stroke, it was fast as hell. I wanted to buy my kids a kawi 90 and it's a 4 stroke slow poke. I used to dream about a scrambler 500. Now it seems like Yamaha are the only good ones.

  8. I’m happy that Yamaha has continued creating Sport Quads. I was strongly considering the YFZ450 but I ended up going out the door with a new 2020 Raptor 700. The 450 just felt a little small for me as I am a fairly decent sized guy. I have not regretted by decision and love my Raptor. Local dealer said that it was their 4th Raptor they sold within the last year and have noticed that the demand is starting to raise again. The only thing I don’t like, the price… Yikes

  9. Probably going to be going to a 4 stroke this off season with a yfz from my yfz350 banshee. Getting tired of racing XC and working twice as hard on 30 year old technology.

  10. Thank you lord! In this SXS world please don’t forget about quads! We love quads and appreciate Yamaha building them!


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