Young Couple Creates New System To Clean And Reuse N95 Masks | TODAY


Our series “Search for Solutions” continues with a look at a breakthrough system rolling out across the country that provide some relief for health care workers struggling with a lack of personal protective equipment, thanks to a young couple in Columbus, Ohio, who came up with a unique way to clean and reuse critically needed N95 masks. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY.
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Young Couple Creates New System To Clean And Reuse N95 Masks | TODAY


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  1. Just a tip for everyone pls clean or replace your air conditioner filter and do not buy those cheap filters either.

  2. I was given a N95 mask early on and have washed it twice (boil water, dip the mask – not the straps – in for a minute then hang dry). I spray disinfectant after each time I go to public places. It performs very well.

  3. I just spray my masks with disinfectant and nuke them in the microwave for 30 seconds.. I cover the metal with electrical tape. So it doesn't arc.. easy.

  4. Next challenge: reuse, reclean, decontaminate ppe gowns or hazmats, face shields, hair protectors, shoe protectors. Probably gloves too

  5. What percentage is the peroxide solution? I'll put a bottle of it in my humidifier and a plastic enclosure around that and hang the masks inside. Wow! Just saved a million dollars.

  6. It’s a good idea, but they forgot about the degradation of the rubber bands that creates the seal to force air to pass through the filter media. Without a proper seal, those masks will not meet the standards of N95.

  7. I’ve been basically using the antiviral anti bacteria Lysol Spray on my masks and let it air dry .. if you can’t get anymore masks I figured it better than nothing..

  8. Very logical, practical thing to do. Kudos! Get 20x the use out of each mask…Wonderful! Kind of like rewashing dishes instead of eating on paper plates…so much more practical.

    I see 10 thousand teeth between them.

  10. Don’t chance it, Get Yourself an N95 Specialty Face Mask 😷Guaranteed to Protect against infection. I got mine here

  11. Seems nasty to have to wear a used mask of a stranger because the government can’t get US some. Our government is a failure in every sense.

  12. That is a bit dangerous to encourage reuse of masks in hospital setting… While its better than nothing, USA can afford to buy new masks, and there is stocks if only US was willing to buy KN95 and other Asia versions of N95 instead of insisting on their own standards… Recommended to use one once for one shift then throw away to stay effective

  13. I know this is good given the current situation but for the future if we make it out of this, aren’t n95 good only for 4-5 hours but yet nurses get one that is cleaned and use for a week

  14. I can't get passed the fact that A research company had this information in their hands for years and didn't think it was important once Corona hit. Real smart

  15. 50 yrs ago when I worked as a nurse, everything used in a hospital was cleaned and autoclaved for reuse. Items were made of cotton, metal, glass, and rubber….even needles were sharpened and reused multiple times. We are creating tons of medical waste during this pandemic. If hospitals had a stock of reusable items…there would be no issue with supplies or disposal of medical waste.

  16. This is MY DIY solution to disinfect your mask at home. Many blessings to all during this time.

  17. Sweet, so let's talk about the byproducts we create when creating copious amounts of hydrogen peroxide. I recommended UV on Linkedin for a reason, but I'm assuming that part of the country just really likes making chemicals and byproducts to sterilize things. I like that they're using used shipping containers though.

  18. heard N95 only work 6 hours, so normally medics need shift every 4 hours. hope it still keep the function after clean.

  19. What about hydrogen peroxide in the crock pot for 2 hours on low or high you would have to experiment to get it right..but I think if the whole population had mask & sanitizer then you wouldn't have to worry about virus being on everything..i think instead of making expensive ventilators they should make mask in mass quantity because mask will cut the need for the machines..if a grocery store was sanitized have a greeter at entry that would make sure people had approved mask & sanitize hands before they enter..problem solved


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